Snoopy Dog Coat

Snoopy Dog Coat

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information


 Please note: Please read all instructions carefully before constructing. Pattern

instructions are for extra small. No seam allowance is included in pattern. Add
seam allowance (Suggested is 1/2'') after you have enlarged pattern to desired
size. Adjust Strap length as necessary to fit your dog.
1/2 yard Easter Snoopy Patchwork fabric
1/2 yard fleece
2 yards dark purple piping
3'' hook and loop tape (3/4'')
1. From Snoopy Patchwork fabric, cut two each of the coats, collars and straps,
from pattern pieces.
2. Cut one each from fleece.
3. Cut hook and loop tape into 1-1/2'' lengths.
1. Place Collar on Fleece WRONG sides together. Baste around edges.
2. Position piping on outer Collar edge, clipping curves.
3. Place Collar Lining on Collar RIGHT sides together. Stitch, clip and turn.
4. Baste lower edge of all three layers together.
5. Place Strap on fleece WRONG sides together. Baste piping to long side and
curved end, clipping around curve.
6. Place Strap Lining on Strap RIGHT sides together. Stitch long sides and
curved end only. Leave open on straight end. Trim, clip and turn. Press.
7. Place Coat on fleece WRONG sides together. Baste.
8. Position Collar on Coat, between marks at neck edge, RIGHT sides together.
Stitch in place.
9. Add piping all around Coat, starting and stopping at center of neck.
10. Place Strap Between marks on side of Coat, raw edges even, RIGHT sides
together. Stitch in place.
11. Position Coat Lining on Coat RIGHT sides together. Stitch all the way around
leaving an opening to turn. Trim, clip and turn. Slipstitch opening closed.
12. Place hook side of hook and loop tape on RIGHT side of Coat, opposite
Strap. Stitch in place. Stitch corresponding piece of loop tape of end of
Strap on lining side.
13. Repeat at neck front.
For medium to x-large coats quilt around motifs to prevent layers from shifting.
Enlarge pattern pieces accordingly, based on suggestions below:
X-Small (Chihuahua)
Small (Jack Russell Terrier) enlarge pattern 150%
Medium (Springer Spaniel) enlarge pattern 200%
Large (Labrador) enlarge pattern 250%
X-Large (Newfoundland) enlarge pattern 300%
Patterns can be found on the print version of instructions