Snowman T-shirt

Snowman T-shirt

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores

Additional Information



  • Cotton T-shirt, laundered
  • Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint, silver
  • Acrylic paint: white, black, red, orange, brown, silver
  • Textile medium
  • Buttons
  • Embroidery floss
  • Large paper (for cutting snowman stencil)
  • Paintbrushes, 1" wide flat, round
  • Spouncer
  • Spray adhesive
  • Aluminum foil


  1. Cut a stencil in a snowman shape. Spray back of stencil with spray adhesive and adhere to front of T-shirt.
  2. Insert a layer of aluminum foil on the inside of the shirt to prevent the spray paint from bleeding to the back of the shirt.
  3. Following directions on the Simply Spray, apply several layers of silver paint. Let dry, and then remove and discard stencil.
  4. Mix white paint with textile medium and apply loosely with the 1" brush over silver paint, around the edges of the snowman.
  5. Paint on a top hat, scarf, facial features, twig arms, and buttons, mixing all paints with textile medium. Add snowflakes in white and silver, using a Spouncer, filling in around and over the snowman.
  6. Sew buttons to the hatband using embroidery floss.