Snowman Wreath

Snowman Wreath

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Floracraft
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  • FloraCraft® Foam:
    Wreath: 12"
    Balls: 6" & 3"
  • Deco Art® Snow Tex
  • Felt: white and glitter red
  • Jingle bells: red
  • Chenille stems: red
  • Pompom: 1" orange
  • Wiggle eyes: 1"
  • Craft stick
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Serrated knife
  • FloraCraft® Make It Fun® Foam Tools
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush


1. Use the serrated knife to slice a flat spot off one side of the ball. The flat spot should measure about 4" across. This is the back of the head and will allow the ball to sit back into the wreath, but still be flush with the door. Cut the 3" ball in half for the earmuffs.
2. Use the scribe tool to make two circular indentations about 1-1/4" across for the eyes as shown. The eyes should be about 1" apart. Make the indentations bowl shaped so that they are deepest at the center, about 1/4". Use the scribe tool to create a smiling mouth about 1/4" deep.
3. Brush on a coat of Snow Tex over the entire ball. Be careful not to fill in the mouth and eye areas. Set aside to dry.
4. Cut (150) 3" x 3" squares of the white felt. Lay the square of felt onto the wreath and use the tuck tool to push the center of the felt square into the wreath. Continue tucking the felt squares in about ½" apart to completely cover the front and sides of the wreath as shown.
5. Cut two 6" x 6" squares of the red felt. Stretch the red felt squares over the rounded sides of the 3-1/2" balls. Pull all the edges tight to the back of the ball and secure with glue. Trim away any excess felt with scissors.
6. Glue the earmuffs to each side of the head. Glue the wiggle eyes and pompom nose in place, as shown. A red chenille stem can be glued into the mouth if desired. The headband for the earmuffs can be created using a piece of red chenille stem or strip of white felt.
7. Cut a 24" x 2" strip of red felt. Tie the felt around the neck of the snowman for the scarf. Use the scissors to cut fringe at the ends of the scarf.
8. Glue red jingle bells evenly spaced around the front of the wreath.