Sparkling Christmas Snack Cakes

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  • Wilton foodcrafting supplies:
    Recipes: Delectovals™ Mini Cakes & Filling
    Bake Easy!® Non-Stick Spray
    Delectovals Cakes Mini Cake Pan
    10'x16' Cooling Grid
    12' Disposable Decorating Bags
    Cake Decorating Tips: 12, 10
    Vanilla Treat Glaze
    Icing Colors: Kelly Green, Christmas Red
    Pearlized Sugars: Red, Green, White
  • Food-safe scissors


1. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Bake cakes in mini cake pan and allow to cool. Remove cakes from pan.
2. Prepare filling following recipe directions. Use tip 12 and a cut disposable decorating bag to fill cakes from bottom.
3. Heat treat glaze according to package directions. Tint portions green and red. Leave some white. Use tip 10 and green, red and white treat glaze to pipe lines on cakes, 3/4' apart. Immediately sprinkle with matching color pearlized sugar. Allow to set at room temperature, about 30 minutes.

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