Spelling Book

Spelling Book

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Purple Cows Designed by Ana Cabrera
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Additional Information

Spelling Book
by Ana Cabrera
This project is a great first speller. Children
can flip through to make simple words, mak-
ing learning to read and spell fun. The letters
can be traced using a dry erase marker or a
wax crayon and wiped away over and over
again. For older children, add more letters and
columns to allow for longer word combinations.
Purple Cows Hot Laminator Kit
Decorative cardstock

2 pieces trimmed to 7 ? x 4 ?
Letter stickers
Book rings
Decorative fiber or ribbon
1. Print out the alphabet template onto letter-sized paper. We used plain copy paper,
but you could also use colored cardstock. Add a sticker title to one piece of card-
stock, this will be the cover. The remaining piece will be the back cover.
2. Laminate each alphabet card sheet and each cover using the Purple Cows Hot
3. Using your Purple Cows trimmer, follow the lines and cut out each card. Stack the
cards so that you have two stacks of just consonants and one stack of all the vowels.
4. Punch two holes at the top of each stack, and through each of the covers as
shown. Bind together with the rings and embellish.
all designs � 2007 by Purple Cows Incorporated. all rights reserved.