Spider Wine Glasses

Spider Wine Glasses

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  • DecoArt Americana®:
    Crystal Gloss Enamels - black, red
    3D Gloss Enamel Opaque Writers - white, black
    Glass Paint - purple
  • 2 stem less wine glasses
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Tape
  • Small round brush
  • Very thin brush


1. With sponge, apply two coats of Purple (wait for first coat to dry) to glass as uneven top border. (Do not paint bottom of glass.)
2. With white 3D Writer, paint spider web. (Create finer writing tip by attaching 1" piece of tape diagonally to writer tip.)
3. Use brush to paint spider body purple.
4. Paint spider legs with black 3D Writer.
5. With handle end of paintbrush, paint small dots all around top of glass to outline border.
6. With handle end of very thin paintbrush, paint four small red dots on each spider for eyes.

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