Spidery Boo Decoration

Spidery Boo Decoration

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • 12" Paper mache letters
  • 1/4 yd. Furry fleece, black
  • 3/4 yd. Halloween fabric of your choice
  • 1 pkg craft size extra-loft batting
  • Fabri-Tac glue
  • Straight pins
  • Lion Brand Fun Fur yarn, colors of choice
  • Styrofoam balls: 2" and 2-1/2"
  • 1 pkg. striped chenille stems
  • 1 pkg. 15mm wiggle eyes
  • Marabou trim, black
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters



  1. Using the letters, trace onto batting & cut 4 pieces of each.
  2. Using the letters, trace onto fabric and add 3/4" seam allowance around all edges. Cut 2 pieces (one front and one back).
  3. Cut 4 furry fleece strips 1-3/4" by the width of the fabric.
  4. Place a couple of small dots of glue to front and back of letters to tack down one layer of batting. Repeat, adding the second layer of batting.
  5. Place fabric on batting with the seam allowances extending beyond the letter edge. Hold in place temporarily with pins. Use Fabri-Tac to glue fabric seam allowances to sides of letter, holding in place with pins until dry.
  6. To complete letters, spread glue on inside sides of letters and cover with furry fleece strips. Repeat on the outer edge.


  1. Wrap foam balls with yarn; 6 yards to cover 2' ball and 12 yd. to cover 2-1/2" ball. Secure yarn end with pin.
  2. Legs: cut chenille stems in half for large spiders and in quarters for small spiders. Poke end of stem in foam, four on each side, shaping legs and turning up end for feet.
  3. Cut length of marabou trim to include 3 feathers, roll up along tape edge and poke in top of spider. Glue eyes in front of feather trim. To complete: Place spiders as desired around letters. Sit on table or shelf, or hang on wall.