Square By Design® Serving Tray

Square By Design® Serving Tray

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Square By Design®
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  • Square by Design® Square
  • 16"x20" picture frame
  • Craftwood 2" ball knobs (4)
  • Craftwood 1-1/2" wood circles (8)
  • Sharpie® black chisel tip permanent marker
  • Rust-oleum® Apple Red Gloss Spray Paint + Primer
  • Rust-oleum® White Gloss Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2X spray paint
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ patterning tape
  • #2 pencil with eraser
  • Wood glue
  • Yardstick
  • Scissors
  • Chalk for marking


Note: If ironing is needed, use medium set dry iron.
1. Remove frame backing and glass; set aside.
2. Spray paint front and sides of frame with Apple Red Gloss paint following manufacturer’s instructions. Allow paint to dry thoroughly between coats.
3. Spray paint ball knobs using the White Gloss and allow to dry.
4. Pencil a dot on center top of knob. Turn knob over with flat surface facing up. Pencil a straight line from one edge through the center hole to opposite edge. Pencil another straight line through the center hole creating four 90 degree angles. Pencil two additional lines to create eight equal pie-shape spaces on the flat surface.
5. Cut patterning tape into a 6" piece. Beginning at center hole of knob, align end of tape along drawn pencil line on flat surface of knob. Wrap tape around knob crossing over top center pencil dot to opposite pencil line on the flat surface. Using straight edge of tape as your drawing guide, pencil a line around the knob. Remove tape and repeat with remaining lines creating eight equal spaces on knob.
6. Using the black permanent marker, fill in every other space on the knob to complete four white and four black curved stripes.
7. Color 1-1/2" wood circles with black permanent marker.
8. Stack two wooden circles on top of each other and glue together. Repeat to make four sets of wooden circles. Glue flat surface of one striped ball knob to one set of wooden circles. Repeat using remaining ball knobs and wooden circles.
9. Using a medium set dry iron, press Square by Design™ Square. Center and cut Square to fit the size of the glass for a 16"x20" frame, aligning motif as desired. Reassemble the frame.
10. Place finished frame wrong side up. Center and glue a striped knob/wooden circles unit at one corner of the frame. Repeat using remaining knobs/wooden circle units. Allow glue to dry.

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