Stained Glass Wall Hanging

Stained Glass Wall Hanging

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information

• Pattern: either provided pattern or design your own
• 15" x 30" Artist canvas
• 1 yard Muslin
• Variety of Fat Quarters (8 – 10 fabrics)
• Freezer paper
• ¼ yard Fusible interfacing
• 3 pkgs. Double-fold bias tape
• 1 pkg. Narrow Steam-a-Seam 2®
• Dritz® Quilting Spray Adhesive
• Sewing thread to match bias tape
• Basic sewing supplies
• Iron and pressing surface
• Sewing machine


1. Print out the pattern by sending the file to a local copy/print shop. The pattern is 29" x 38" so call and make sure they can print a design of that size. If you use your own design, draw it in a 15" x 30" rectangle. Some design elements may extend beyond it.

2. Trace the rectangle and all the design elements within it onto freezer paper. Trace the circles that protrude outside the rectangle separately, and add a ½" seam allowance to the sides that touch the rectangle.

3.Trace the entire design onto muslin (including the protruding circles). Be sure to leave at least 3" of muslin extending beyond the edges of the protruding circles.

4. Cut the freezer paper tracing apart into its pieces. Lay these “puzzle pieces” down on the corresponding areas of the printed pattern to help keep track of where they go.

5. Assemble the mosaic. Working from the outside edges of the design inward, alternate fabric colors in a pleasing arrangement. Begin by ironing the shiny side of a freezer paper pattern piece to the right side of a piece of fabric. Cut the fabric to size and remove the freezer paper. Spray the wrong side of the piece of fabric with adhesive, and adhere the piece to its corresponding location on the muslin. Repeat this process with all the freezer paper “puzzle pieces”.

6. Prepare the protruding circle fabrics in the same way, but iron the wrong side of the fabric to the fusible interfacing. Be sure to include the ½" seam allowance.

7. Enclose the curve of a protruding circle into the fold of the bias tape. Pin, and then sew in place. Trim the bias tape to size. Perform this process on all the circles.

8. Spray the backs of the circles (the interfacing side) with adhesive, and put them in place on the muslin. Tuck the seam allowance of these pieces under the adjacent pieces of fabric already attached to the muslin by lifting up the fabric edges.

9. Fuse the Steam-a-Seam2® to the remaining bias tape. Remove the paper backing. Bring the muslin with the adhered mosaic pieces to the ironing board. Beginning with the curved lines, lay the bias tape, glue side down, along a “leading” line of the design. Extend the tape from one edge of the rectangle to the other so that there are no raw edges inside the rectangle. Fuse the tape in place with the iron. Take it to the sewing machine and sew the tape down by stitching along one side of the bias tape, and then the other. Repeat this process for all the leading lines of the design.

10. Trim the muslin to 17 ½” x 32 ½” (the protruding circles will extend beyond this rectangle). Do this by lifting the circles up off the muslin, and cutting the muslin beneath them. 11. Place the muslin on the canvas, aligning the edges of the design with the edges of the canvas. Wrap the muslin around the edges of the canvas, and staple in place.