Stamped Charm Bangles

Stamped Charm Bangles

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: ImpressArt
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  • Thin metal bangles
  • ImpressArt®:
    • 1/2" brass circle stamping blanks
    • Design stamps
    • 1/2-lb stamping hammer
    • Steel stamping block
    • Stamp Straight™ tape
  • 6mm silver-plated jump rings or split rings
  • Black acrylic enamel paint
  • 2 pr chain-nose pliers
  • Cotton swab
  • Paper towel


Practice stamping before beginning project.
1. Tape a blank to the bench block. Tape just below the center of blank or stamp over the tape.
2. Center stamp flush to the surface of blank with printed side facing you. Hold firmly, keeping fingers down toward bottom of stamp.
3. Hit stamp dead center with a good, hard blow. Don’t move stamp. Rock stamp to top left, strike, top right, strike, bottom left, strike &
bottom right, strike to ensure all elements of the stamp are impressed into the blank. Do not lift & move stamp to avoid ghost or double impressions.
4. Use a cotton swab to apply the paint to the recessed area of the stamp. Allow to sit for 30 seconds. Wipe off with a clean paper towel.
5. Open a jump ring by grasping each side of the opening with pliers, pulling the jump ring ends in opposite directions. Open a jump ring laterally to maintain the circular shape. Slide stamped charm on the jump ring; slide the jump ring onto the bangle.
6. Grasp the ends of jump ring with the pliers. Move them towards each other, gently compressing them. Move the ends past each other one time. Bring them together again. You should hear a clicking sound & feel them click into position. This ensures the rings are closed with tension & to secure charms. Option: Attach charms with split rings instead of jump rings.
7. Repeat for desired amount of charms & bangles.


Add beads on headpins to make one-of-a-kind bangles. Stack them up! These bangles look great in sets & paired with other bracelets.

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