Starbella Strata Knit Scarf

Starbella Strata Knit Scarf

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  • 1 ball Premier Yarns® Starbella® Strata (71% acrylic, 29% polyamide; 8-1/2 yds)
  • Knitting needles Size 5
  • Sewing needle & thread
  • 1-1/2" button


Knit Infinity Scarf Length: 36”
Gauge is not important for this project, work evenly and consistently throughout.

1. Cast on 2 sts by inserting the needle from back to front through the top of the fabric at about 1/2" intervals, approximately 1/2" down from the edge of the fabric.
2. Knit across row, working knit stitches as follows: Insert the needle in your right hand into the front leg of the first stitch on the needle from front to back and pierce the next area of the fabric, working from front to back with the right hand needle. Pull this new loop through the stitch and slip the stitch off the left hand.
3. Knit every row until 6" of fabric remains.
4. Bind off, pulling remaining yarn through last stitch.
5. Sew cast-on edge to bind-off edge with sewing needle and thread to form a circular scarf. Sew button on top of seam.

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