Stonehill Prairie Wall Hanging or Throw

Stonehill Prairie Wall Hanging or Throw

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: The Stonehill Collection
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Additional Information



  • Stonehill Collection Prairie Home fabrics, 12 coordinating colors of choice:
    • 2 yds Off-white large floral
    • 1 yd Green leaf (includes 1/2 yd for binding)
    • 1/4 yd Dark red vine
    • 1/4 yd Salmon pink leaf
    • 3/8 yd Floral stripe
    • 3/8 yd Dark red large leaf
    • 1/4 yd Light green floral
    • 1/4 yd Plum calico
    • 1/2 yd Green calico
    • 1/2 yd Gold calico
    • 1/4 yd Dark red calico
    • 1/4 yd Green vine
    • 3 yds Fabric for backing
  • Twin-size batting
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


  1. From off-white large floral, cut 1 square 8-1/2"x8-1/2". From green leaf print, cut 4 squares 4-1/2"x4-1/2". Place green square right sides together with the floral square matching one corner, stitch diagonally as shown, press at stitching line, cut excess fabric from underneath triangle. Repeat for all four corners. See figure below.
  2. From each salmon pink leaf and dark red vine, cut 4 squares 5-1/2"x5-1/2". Then cut each square diagonally into 4 triangles. Stitch each salmon leaf triangle to a dark red vine triangle to make a triangle.
  3. Stitch triangles together to make a patchwork square. See figure below.
  4. Stitch patchwork squares together in pairs alternating colors. See figure below.
  5. From each green leaf and off white large floral, cut 2 squares 5-1/2"x5-1/2". Then cut each square diagonally into 4 triangles. Join triangles to make a patchwork square the same as in step 2. Stitch these squares to ends of two strips from step 2 so that green triangles are alongside edges of squares. See figure below.
  6. Cut two 4-1/2" strips crosswise from floral stripe. Then cut them to make 4 strips 4-1/2"x16-1/2".
  7. Cut one 4-1/2" strip crosswise from dark red large leaf, then cut into 9 squares 4-1/2"x4-1/2". Cut one additional 4-1/2" square from remaining fabrics. Stitch squares to the ends of two 16-1/2" strips. See figure below.
  8. Stitch shorter salmon pink leaf/red vine squares to sides of center square. Stitch longer patchwork strips to top and bottom edges of center square. See figure below.
  9. Stitch a 16-1/2" strip to each side of the quilt center. Then stitch the strips with squares to the top and bottom. See figure below.
  10. Cut 3 crosswise strips 2-1/2" wide from each of the dark red large leaf and green leaf fabrics. Cut 2 crosswise strips 1-15/16" wide from each gold calico and green calico. Cut 1 strip of each fabric in half. Stitch dark red large leaf and green leaf strips to the opposite edges of each gold and green calico strip. Make one and one half strips of each color. Cut these pieced strips into 1-15/16" wide pieces. See figure below.
  11. Following the diagram and the photo, join 10 pieces to make strip A. Remove one side section from next piece and join it to the end. Join one square to the end. See figure below. Join the pieces for strip B in the same manner.
  12. Trim top and bottom edges of each strip from top corners of squares so strips are 2-1/2" wide. See figure below.
  13. Join an A strip to top and bottom of quilt center. Join a B strip to side edges. See figure below.
  14. Make two each of the two corner strips shown in the figure below. Cut 2 squares 3"x3". Cut once diagonally to make corner triangle. Stitch a triangle to each corner strip. See figure below.
  15. Sew corners to quilt. See quilt photo for which corner pieces go on which quilt corner. See figure below.
  16. Cut 26 squares from the different print fabrics. Do not use the off white large floral. Arrange these squares along with the dark red leaf squares into 2 side strips of 7 squares and 2 top and bottom strips of 9 squares. Stitch squares together. Stitch side strips to quilt center, then stitch top and bottom strips in place. See figure below.
  17. Cut 5 crosswise border strips 6-1/4" wide. Join 1 border strip to each side edges centering the flower motifs. Strips should be 36-1/2". Cut pieces from 1 strip to join to the ends of the top and bottom strip so the print matches and the top and bottom borders are 50" wide. Join to top and bottom edges, centering flower motifs. See figure below.
  18. Layer, quilt and bind. Cut binding strips 2-1/2" wide from Green leaf fabric and fold in half to bind.