Studded Fluer De Lis T-shirt and Accessories

Studded Fluer De Lis T-shirt and Accessories

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Plaid
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  • Fluer-de-Lis T-shirt:
    Fleur de Lis – printed fabric applique with nailheads
    114 HotFix Nailheads – round 6mm – Shiny Silver
    Black cotton T-shirt
    HotFix tool
  • Cotton Canvas Tote Bag:
    121 HotFix nailheads – round 6mm – Shiny Silver
    246 HotFix nailheads – pyramids 6mm – Shiny Silver
    Cotton canvas bag
    HotFix tool
  • Leather Belts:
    100 HotFix nailheads – round 6mm – Shiny Silver
    44 HotFix nailheads – pyramids 6mm – Shiny Silver
    Genuine leather belt
    HotFix tool


Stud embellishments:
1. Pre-wash the fabric or garment that you are going to embellish. Do not use fabric softener.
2. Preheat dry iron to cotton setting. Allow time for the iron to get hot.
3. Remove the fabric appliqué from the packaging and peel the backing paper from the iron-on transfer.
4. Position the fabric appliqué on the desired area on the fabric.
5. Cover the fabric appliqué with a dry pressing cloth.
6. Press the heated iron on pressing cloth in an up and down motion using firm pressure.
7. Hold the pressure for 45 seconds across the entire surface of the fabric appliqué. Make sure to apply heat over entire appliqué.
8. Remove the pressing cloth from the garment. (Caution: Press cloth will be hot!)
9. Allow the fabric appliqué to cool. Turn the fabric inside out and iron the backside of the appliqué for an additional 15 seconds to ensure adhesion. Make sure to apply heat equally over the entire appliqué.

HotFix Nailhead:
1. Preheat the hot fix tool. Allow time for the tool to get hot.
2. Roll up the sleeves of the garment and flatten out the fabric on a hard, flat surface
3. Peel off the sticky backing from the nailheads, and then place the glue side directly on to the fabric.
4. Create your design or pattern using the nailheads on the fabric surface before applying heat.
5. Place the heated hot fix tool directly over nailhead piece with firm pressure and apply heat for 20 seconds. Do not overheat the nailhead or glue will leak and damage the garment. (Tip: Remove glue leakage by pulling off with tweezers.)
6. Allow the nailhead to cool down to ensure adhesion to the fabric. Do not touch the nailhead until it is completely cooled down.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each nailhead piece in the design.