Summer Wedding Sign

Summer Wedding Sign

Project Courtesy of: DecoArt, Inc.
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  • DecoArt® Patio Paint™: Sunshine Yellow, Cloud White, Wrought Iron Black & Marigold
  • 5" terra cotta pot
  • Three craft basswood pieces: 1/16"x4"x9"; 1/8"x2"x6"; and 1/8"x2"x3½"
  • Two craft balsa wood pieces: 1/8"x1"x17½" and 1/8"x1"x9"
  • 4"x2" foam disc floral arranger
  • 1" sponge brush
  • Small detail paintbrush
  • Painter’s or masking tape
  • Liquid glue
  • Decorative moss
  • Ruler


1. Apply two coats of Cloud White with sponge brush to each of two balsa wood pieces. Set aside.
2. Tape 3/8" border around outside of large basswood piece, and 1/4" border around other two basswood pieces. Paint remaining areas of all pieces Wrought Iron Black. Apply additional coat if necessary and allow to dry.
3. Paint pot Wrought Iron Black with sponge brush. Set aside to dry.
4. Remove tape from large basswood sign piece and paint exposed wood Marigold. Use additional coats as desired.
5. Remove tape from two small basswood sign pieces and paint exposed wood Sunshine Yellow. Use additional coats as desired.
6. Paint “Welcome,” “Ceremony,” arrow and monograms on signs using Cloud White.
7. Glue signs to Cloud White stakes using liquid glue. Place floral arranger disc into pot and cover with moss. Push signs into foam.