Swarovski Crystal Cube & Pearls Necklace

Swarovski Crystal Cube & Pearls Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Darlene Dishion
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Additional Information



  • Swarovski crystals:
    • 6mm cubes: 9 purple velvet, 5 rose,
    • 4 aquamarine
    • 6mm pearls, 9 cream rose
    • 6mm bicones, 27 crystal
    • 4mm bicones, 18 crystal
  • Bright silver round beads: 1 pkg ea, 6mm & 4mm
  • 27 Silver-lined seed beads
  • 27 Head pins, silver
  • 30" Beadalon coated wire
  • 2.5 mm Crimp beads, silver
  • 4.3 mm Sterling jump rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Clasp extender
  • Crimper
  • Round-nose pliers w/cutters


  1. Slide the following onto a head pin: seed bead, 6mm crystal bicone, 4mm silver round, cube bead, 4mm silver round. Using round-nose pliers, form a loop at the top with the head pin. (See Figure 1 through 3.) Trim excess. Make 18 more cube dangles in this way.
  2. Slide the following onto another head pin: seed bead, 6mm crystal bicone, 4mm silver round, pearl, two 4mm crystal bicones, 4mm silver round. Form a loop and trim excess wire. Make 9 more pearl dangles in this way.
  3. Open up a 4.3mm jump ring and add a purple dangler, a pearl dangler and a pink dangler. Close jump ring tightly so there is no gap, because you will be threading this onto the wire. Make 8 more clusters in this way, referring to picture for color combinations.
  4. String one crimp bead and one 4.3mm jump ring onto end of beading wire. Thread end of wire (approx. 2") back into crimp bead. Crimp bead using U-shaped hole of crimping tool. Then "round out" with the other hole of tool.
  5. Thread on twenty-four 4mm silver round beads over both thicknesses of wire. Trim excess wire, if desired.
  6. String on beads in the following sequence: one 6mm silver, one of the pink/purple cube clusters, one 6mm silver, three 4mm silver, one 6mm silver, three 4mm silver. Repeat sequence, alternating colors of cube clusters and ending with twenty-four 4mm silver round beads.
  7. Slide the second crimp bead onto the wire, then the other jump ring. Go back through the crimp bead and several other beads, pulling until all the beads are snug against each other. Flatten the crimp bead as before and cut off any remaining wire. Attach clasp extender.