T-Shirt Transformation Quilt

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T-Shirt Transformation Quilt

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: June Tailor
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  • 9 assorted T-shirts
  • Assorted cotton quilting fabrics
  • 1/2 yd. fabric for borders
  • 1/2 yd. fabric for binding
  • 3 yds. backing fabric
  • June Tailor® T-Shirt Transformation Ruler
  • June Tailor® T-Shirt Press Cloth
  • June Tailor® T-Shirt Fusible Interfacing
  • 58" square batting


No two T-shirt quilts are alike so there&'s not a perfect pattern to follow. This method is simple to follow and allows the motif of each T-shirt to be showcased in a complimentary way. Choose the largest size T-shirt motif and make that the standard size block. Each remaining T-shirt block will be cut in a shape and size that compliments the motif on the shirt; either square, rectangle or a square on-point. Add borders to each T-shirt block until the finished quilt block size measures 15-1/2" square. Blocks are sewn together in rows and rows sewn together to complete the quilt top.

1. Remove sleeves and cut t-shirts at side seams.
2. Following the instructions included with the June Tailor® Fusible Interfacing, apply the interfacing to the backs of the t-shirts.
3. Using the June Tailor® T-Shirt Transformation Ruler, cut the t-shirt designs in squares, rectangles, or squares on-point.
4. Cut (5) 3" strips for borders.
5. Cut (5) 2-1/2" strips for binding

Making the Blocks
1. Each t-shirt quilt block should measure 15-1/2" square.
2. If your t-shirt is cut to 12-1/2" or 10-1/2" dimensions, add a pieced border to complete the 15-1/2" dimension. These borders can be added to the top and/or bottom, to one side or both sides.

Border Suggestions
Piano Keys:
Sew strips of two or three coordinating color fabrics together.

Squares and Strips:
Sew coordinating color squares and strips together to form a border.

Half Square Triangles:
Create half-square triangle blocks and piece together to form a border.

Sashing Strips and Cornerstones
Sew strips to top and bottom of t-shirt block. Sew cornerstones to opposite sides of two additional strips. Sew pieced strips to sides of block.

1. Sew three horizontal rows of three blocks each.
2. Sew three rows together.
3. Sew border strips to top, bottom and sides of pieced center.
4. Layer quilt top, batting and backing.
5. Quilt as desired and bind. Quilt pictured was quilted with an allover meandering pattern.