Tablecloth with Rosette Trim

Tablecloth with Rosette Trim

Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • Nano-Tex® performance Fabric A*
  • 1 yd Nano-Tex® performance Fabric B: for 58"x72" tablecloth
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron & pressing surface
  • Candle

*DETERMINE YARDAGE: Measure top of rectangular table, add 9" drop on each side.

RS = Right side(s).

1. Cut tablecloth Fabric A to the size desired, which typically allows for a 9" drop on each side of cloth.
2. To round each corner, place a pin at the point where the measurement is 9" in from each side of the corner. Measure from the pin toward the corner of the fabric 9"; make a mark. Measure from the pin out to both the left and right of the 1st mark; make marks. Continue marking to form curve. Cut along the curve to round corner.
3. Cut Fabric B into bias strips 3½" wide. Sew together to form one long bias strip the length of the four combined edge measurements, plus 12". Remaining fabric will be used for the rosettes.
4. Fold one long edge of the bias strip under 1/2" and press. Align the other long edge and tablecloth edge with RS together. Sew the bias strip around the tablecloth. To finish, overlap the beginning and end by an inch and fold the raw edge under. Iron the bias edge, pressing the curve flat. Fold the bias to the back while extending the folded edge just beyond the stitching; press. Pin the folded edge in place. From the front, stitch in the ditch to hold the binding in place.
5. ROSETTE EMBELLISHMENT: For each rosette cut one circle of each size: 3½", 3" & 2½". Cut notches in six sides of each circle to form petals. Hold fabric edge about 1/2" away from candle flame to slightly melt the edges of the fabric circle. Melt rosette edges to prevent raveling. Stitch a dime size circle in the center of each rosette; pull the threads to gather. Stack three or four (one of each size) rosette, on top of each other. Tack the center. Stitch rosettes to the binding at the corners.