Tea Towels
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Tea Towels
ITEM # 0578778P45



  • Susan Winget Tea Time fabric collection:
    • 1/2 yd. Letters
    • 1/4 yd. Patch
    • 1/4 yd. Tea Time Cup
    • 1/4 yd. Rose Dot
    • 1/4 yd. Stitch Witchery
    • Tea towels
    • Basic sewing supplies
    • Sewing machine


    1. Cut one 4" strip from the Rose Dot fabric and sub-cut the strip into 4" squares – prairie points.
    2. Cut one 4" strip from the Tea Time Cup fabric and cut it to the length of the towel.
    3. Cut one 3" strip from the Letters fabric and cut it to the length of the towel.
    4. Fold the 4" squares in half wrong sides together to create a triangle. Fold the triangle in half again and press.

    5. Diagram 1
    6. Overlap the prairie points 1/4" onto the bottom of the Letter fabric strip so the raw edges are aligned with the raw edges of the strip and pin in place. Sew a 1/4" seam along the bottom edge to secure them.
    7. Place the Tea Cup strip on top of the prairie point strip right sides together matching raw edges and stitch in place. Press open so that the prairie points are pressed toward the bottom strip.
    8. Press a 1/4" in on all sides. Place the strip on the front of the towel, pin in place and topstitch along the edges of all four sides.

    9. Diagram 2
    10. Press the stitch witchery onto the wrong side a teacup and the fussy cut out. Center the teacup onto the towel and stitch in place.
    11. Repeat the same process with the other towel, but only apply one border and fussy cut a design from the Patch fabric.