Teal Dagger Necklace
By Cousin
ITEM # 2253866P111
Teal Dagger Necklace
By Cousin
ITEM # 2253866P111
Print Description
Crafting Time:
3-5 Hours
Skill Level:



  • Cousin®:
    • Multi Deco barrel beads (1 pk)
    • Teal acrylic oval beads (1 pk)
    • Purple acrylic oval beads (1 pk)
    • Silver plate heart head pins (1 pk)
    • 8mm aqua crackle rounds (1 pk)
    • 6mm purple rounds (1 pk)
    • 6mm blue AB rounds (1 pk)
    • Silver-plate crimp tubes (1 pk)
    • Silver-plate 4mm open jump rings (1 pk)
    • La Mode® teal acrylic buttons (2 pc)
    • Crimping pliers
    • Round Nose pliers
    • Needle nose pliers
    • Wire cutters


    1. Make 16 teal beaded daggers. Add 1 teal acrylic diamond shaped bead, on teal acrylic barrel bead and one 6mm blue glass rainbow finish bead to a silver heart headpin. Using the jewelry pliers, twist off a circle loop at the free end of the headpin. Continue making a total of 16 beaded daggers. Make 3 more daggers in the same style using fuchsia acrylic diamond shaped beads, pink acrylic barrel beads and 6mm speckled fuchsia glass beads. This is now a total of 19 beaded daggers in two colors.
    2. To complete the bottom strand of the 3 strand necklace cut approximately 26” of silver Cord Basics coated beading wire. Crimp one end with a loop and string six 8mm teal glass crackle beads, then add the first teal dagger. Continue adding a teal dagger after two teal glass crackle beads until there are a total of 8 teal daggers. Then switch to adding fuchsia daggers after every two teal crackle glass beads until there are three fuchsia daggers. The fuchsia daggers will hang at the center of the necklace as a focal point. Continue the pattern with 8 more teal daggers and finish with 6 teal glass crackle bead at the end to match the other side. Close the free end with a crimped loop.
    3. The second middle strand of the necklace is made by alternating 16 fuchsia speckled glass beads with15 acrylic diamond shaped beads. Start one end with a 6mm fuchsia bead and end the strand with the same type. Close both ends with a crimped loop.
    4. The 3rd innermost strand is made with 22 teal acrylic barrel beads and alternating with 6mm blue rainbow glass rounds. Use two blue glass rounds at each end and close off both sides with crimped loops.
    5. To make a button connector: Saving some of the nylon line that the beads came strung with, string one teal glass crackle bead through the front of teal acrylic button. Cut approximately 6” of beading wire and place the wire between the holes on back side of the button. Tie off the nylon line to secure the teal glass bead to the button while keeping the beading wire secured within the knot. This will make a basic bead connector. All that is needed to do is string the crimped loops of each necklace strand onto the beading wire attached to the button and crimp off another loop. Draw the wire tight and add 2 more teal crackle beads to the free end of the connectors beading wire and crimp the final loop.
    6. Add a 2nd button connector to the other side of the 3 strands being careful to add strands in the same order on each side. The longest dagger strand should hang freely at the bottom; there should be no cross over between the 3 strands.
    7. Make a small jump ring chain by adding 5 jump rings together and attaching the “stick” end of the toggle clasp to one end. Connect the remaining free end of the chain to the right side of the necklace if right handed.
    8. Add the ring end of the toggle clasp to a small silver jump ring and connect to the right side of the necklace. Be sure to close all jump rings securely.