The Essential Glue Pad Tips and Techniques

The Essential Glue Pad Tips and Techniques

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Imagine Craft
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Apply glue liberally to the pad

Press stamp several times onto Essential Glue Pad to gather as much glue as possible- more the better!

Refresh to maintain adhesiveness

Replace inner liner after use

Coated or dense cardstock or vellum recommended

TECHNIQUES: Essential Glue Pad can be used with glitter, foil/metal leafing, flocking, pigment powders and chalks, and embossing powders.

  1. Apply glue to Essential Glue Pad.
  2. Apply medium to image stamped with glue.
  3. Press medium into the adhesive.
  4. Allow 15 minutes to completely dry (time will vary)
  5. Tap and/or brush off excess medium only when completely dried.

Glitter: Works best with ultra-fine glitters. Use a flat, sturdy surface like the back of rubber stamp to press glitter into adhesive.
Pigment Powders and Chalks: Using a Fantastix, Brushstix or other applicator, apply medium with a tapping motion to avoid smearing the image. Once dried, remove excess by gently rubbing with tissue.


  • Glue applies clear, dries clear.
  • Easy clean up with warm water.
  • No need to clean Glue Pad between uses; if build up of glitter, etc. occurs, wash with water and allow to dry.
  • Refill sold separately.

    STICKINESS: Is there enough fresh adhesive on the Glue Pad? More is better!

    BEST SURFACES: Coated cardstocks (glossy and matte), vellums, acetate and shipping tags.

    UNEVEN ABSORPTION: Textured and handmade papers are not recommended; results may be uneven. If a paper “soaks up" ink quickly or unevenly it will do the same with glue!

    "PRESSING" MEDIUMS INTO ADHESIVE: This step is VITAL for the glue to “grab and hold" the medium. Since the thickness of the glue applied by the stamp is not very considerable, encourage the glue to “grab and hold" onto the medium by pressing the medium into the adhesive.

    DRY TIME: ALWAYS allow glue to dry completely before removing any excess medium that has been applied. Drying time can vary depending on paper type and mediums used.