Watch the series every Thursday at 10/9 C on Lifetime®! Each week, three new tween/teen designers pull out their scissors, sketchbooks and skills to see who can out-design the competition!

Jaime King and Kelly Osbourne
Bradford, Kenzie, Cambria

Kelly Osbourne and Jaime King join Project Runway: Threads for a sneak peak into the future of fashion. Three teen fashion prodigies are challenged to create a red carpet look, but much to their surprise that is not all! There is much more. The twists and turns keep these young designers and their adult assistants on their toes and put some of their relationships to the test. Vanessa Simmons hosts. She is joined by judges Christian Siriano and YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

Fashion Capitals
Aliyah Royale, Grace, Grayson

In just one day, three fresh, new teen fashion designers create designs worthy of runways around the world. Just when this spunky and talented group of teens and their adult assistants feel that they have it all under control, the fashion roller coaster takes off. They are talented well beyond their years, but can they handle the pressure when time is not on their side? Vanessa Simmons hosts. She is joined by judges Christian Siriano and Youtube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

The Ultimate Accessory
Zachary, Collette, Emily

Three precocious young designers go head-to-head in a fashion competition that puts their talent, skills and relationship with their adult assistants to the test. Zachary, Collette and Emily are barely teenagers but these three fashion designers already have the chops and the drive to make it in the fashion industry. But only one of them can win this week’s Threads. Who will it be? Vanessa Simmons hosts. She is joined by judges Christian Siriano and Youtube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

Pop Star
Brianna, Matt, Claire

Actress and singer Zendaya joins Project Runway: Threads as a guest judge and is blown away by what young Brianna, Matt and Claire bring to the world of fashion. The designers are ecstatic to design looks specifically for their favorite pop stars – Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Florence Welch. But when faced with an unconventional twist and an extra challenge – who rises and who sinks? And you’ll be surprised how their adult assistants handle the pressure. Vanessa Simmons hosts. She is joined by judges Christian Siriano and YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

Tieler, Bella, Kimani

Three new hot designers show us the exciting future of fashion! They’re creative and talented, but does power get the best of one of them? Watch them play the part of boss, giving orders to their adult assistants and a Project Runway alumni. Good boss or power hungry? You decide. Vanessa Simmons hosts. She is joined by judges Christian Siriano and YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

Monsters Mash-Up
Katie, Ciarra, Lucus

Three of the season’s youngest designers compete to win. They’re just 10, 11 and 12 and already prodigies! But how well can they handle manage their parents? How will they navigate the twist and turns of Threads? Will they thrive…or collapse…under the intense pressure to succeed in just one day? Host Vanessa Simmons is joined by judges Christian Siriano and YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

Julia, Alex, Molly

This week’s designers are serious, focused and competitive. Julia, Alex and Molly aim their laser focus on the $25 thousand prize package – and will do anything to win it! Their task? Create looks good enough for the cover of Seventeen magazine. The challenge? Host Vanessa trips them up with twist after challenging twist. Don’t miss a second as Vanessa Simmons is joined by judges Christian Siriano and YouTube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

Showstopper/Finale Look
Jaime King
Zoe, Christopher, Mady

Let’s put on a fashion show! This weeks young and competitive designers are tasked with creating a standout final look for their runway show. They have three very different design styles and personalities, but they all have one goal. They want to win! Who will impress the judges and who will fall short? Actress Jaime King returns as a guest judge. Vanessa Simmons hosts. She is joined by judges Christian Siriano and Youtube sensation Ingrid Nilsen.

Bradford dreams big for a 12 year old. He has been sketching, designing and creating since the young age of three, all in hopes of becoming the next big designer. Bradford finds inspiration to create his daring designs from his favorite designers Versace, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen. Bradford brought his mother Dana on board to assist him and for her creative input and fun nature.

Kenzie is inspired by the places she has traveled with her family and has often incorporated them into her designs. At the young age of 12, Kenzie created a clear fashion sense that she likens to her favorite designer, Christian Dior. Kenzie’s mother, Molly is excited to come on board as Kenzie’s assistant and giver her daughter help and support.

Cambria’s fashion sense is forever evolving, yet she finds herself looking to the past, such as colonial times, the Victorian era and the 1950’s for inspiration. Cambria’s favorite designer is Zac Posen for his elegant designs and impeccably well made garments. Cambria has chosen her father, David to assist her on the show for his illustration skills and constant support.

Fashion-obsessed Grace started cultivating her style sense from a very young age. Now at 15, Grace has a distinct style preferring feminine fabrics and flirty dresses, very reminiscent of her favorite designer, Dior. Her mother Peggy, not quite the fashionista has come on board as her assistant and is ready to take orders.

Grayson is a fashion icon in the making! At the young age of 14 his work has already appeared in New Orleans Fashion Week 2012. Grayson’s design style constantly changes but always remains innovative and bold, similar to his favorite designers; Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Rodarte. Grayson’s assistant is his firecracker grandmother, Sirje. Her blunt, tell it like it is personality has influenced Grayson. She will be as a huge asset for him during this competition.

Aliyah is a free spirit with a self-described enigmatic-with-a-couture flair style. This 14 year old always thinks outside the box and finds inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, including her favorite designers: Chanel and Christian Louboutin. Aliyah has chosen her mother, Tanya as her assistant. They are a strong team with Aliyah’s design sense and Tanya’s significant sewing skills.

Zachary is wise beyond his 15 years. He is passionate, poised and truly dedicated to his craft. Zachary likens his classical and chic silhouettes to his favorite designers: Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Ellie Saab and Chanel. Zachary’s mother Camille is excited to be his assistant. This pair is completely in-tune with each other. She is a time management master and he is creatively brilliant.

Designing comes natural for this mature and sassy girl. Colette creates designs with a unique twist on the retro looks of the 60’s and 70’s. Elegant designers such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent inspire her, but Colette’s favorite designer is Mary Quant. Colette’s mother Jill is the perfect assistant. The duo has a strong bond and being an artist herself, Jill supports and understands Collette’s passion more than anyone.

Emily became a designer in order to show who she is through the designs she creates. Emily prefers a style similar to her favorite designer, Vivienne Westwood. This 15-year-old has enlisted the her father David to be her assistant. His project management skills will be sure to keep this duo on track.

Brianna’s best friend Lily inspired her to start designing and sewing clothes. After school, these two 13-year-olds would sew for hours and eventually started sewing for the neighbors. Brianna’s favorite designer is Isabella Rose Taylor and she chose her mother Lori to be her assistant.

Matt is completely confident that one day he’ll be a big name in the fashion industry. Inspired by fashion icons like Lady Gaga, Matt’s style pushes the edges. Matt chose grandmother Dorothy to be his assistant. Both can hand stitch, use a sewing machine, insert zippers and stitch in many styles. Dorothy’s old school work ethic and Matt’s outside the box design aesthetic create a well-balanced creative force to be reckoned with.

Claire finds inspiration in all the designers on Project Runway for their process, passion, creativity and talent. This 13-year-old respects confident people who find joy in what they do, which also describes how she feels about her life and future in the world of design. Claire’s favorite designer is Zac Posen and she chose her mother Kristen as her assistant.

Tieler approaches fashion from a very altruistic place. He wants to empower women who otherwise may not feel strong or beautiful with fashion that builds their confidence. At the young age of 13, Tieler has a clear style sense and draws inspiration from his favorite designer, Alexander McQueen. Tieler’s mother, Tahmi is his assistant. She has been a constant support in Tieler’s life and they make a great team.

It’s hard to imagine this 12-year-old doing anything but fashion! The dresses that Bella creates are what you can imagine any little girl twirling around in. She creates girly designs as well as adult styles. Her favorite designer is Ella Moss. Bella’s grandmother, Nancy, will be her assistant. Their two distinct style aesthetics merge to create fashion that is both youthful and classy.

For 13-year-old Kimani, designing is a way to express herself and inspire others to know that it’s okay to have a style different from everyone else. With this free sense of expression, it comes as no surprise that Kimani’s favorite designer is the always-surprising Betsy Johnson. Kimani enlisted her mother Rochelle as her assistant. They have a great working relationship and are a solid unit.

Katie started at age 5 and has sewn everything from a stylish mermaid tail to tailored garments. Now at 11, Katie has perfected her hand stitch, back stitch, sewing machine and pattern making. Katie juxtaposes Coco Chanel elegance and Gwen Stefani punk. Her favorite designers are Forever 21 Girls, Harajuku Mini, Abercrombie and Chanel. Katie is assisted by mother Rosette. They make a bubbly and balanced duo whose banter is hilarious.

10-year-old Ciara says Project Runway has inspired her to be a designer! She loves wearing her own creations and someday wants to design a clothing line for kids and teens. Ciara is drawn to fun pieces with interesting colors and patterns. Her favorite designer is Mondo for his wild pieces. Ciara’s mom Tammy is excited to be her assistant and cheerleader.

Fashion is in 12-year-old Lucas’ DNA. At age 6, he started tailoring clothes for his sister’s Barbie dolls. Lucas has moved on from Barbie dolls to design clothes for friends and family. His fashion icon is Michael Kors, who grew up in a nearby town. Nick, Lucas’ father is excited to be his assistant and couldn’t be prouder of his son.

Julia has loved fashion since she was a toddler! Dressing herself since the age of two, she now has a line of yoga wear that she sells in a local store. Very impressive for a 15-year-old! Julia finds inspiration everywhere, including her favorite designers: Giorgio Armani, Burberry and Kate Spade. Julia is excited to have her mother Karin as her assistant. Their relationship is sweet and supportive – you’ll love watching them work together.

This overachiever has designed multiple collections at the young age of 16 and has dreams of becoming the next Michael Kors, his favorite designer. Deeply influenced by the military, Alex takes cues from sleek, simple and stylistic designs. Alex chose his dad to be his assistant and they create quite an entertaining duo. Dad Voislav is always cracking corny jokes to keep things light and constantly reminds his type A son to smile and have fun.

Molly has loved fashion since age 7! She attended classes at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and dreams to one day launch her own brand. The 16-year-old’s style is sophisticated, elegant and clean – like her favorites: Max Azria, Coco Chanel, Zac Posen, Roberto Capucci, Donna Karen, Valentino and Dolce, and Gabbana. Molly’s assistant is her mom and best friend Patricia. They’ve been through a lot together and inspire each other to live life to the fullest.

Zoe’s passion for design stems from her love of stories. Her ever-evolving style comes from life experiences. Her designs are inspired by these words: “What you wear reflects your life.” Currently, this 15-year-old’s favorite designer is Iris Van Herpen. Zoe has enlisted her enthusiastic father to be her assistant. These two are a fun duo to watch.

Even at age 14, Christopher is a natural designer. His goal is simple - to design pieces make his clients happy. Christopher is partial to unusual fabrics and unconventional silhouettes, just like his favorite designer, Meskita. He chose his grandmother Zinda to be his assistant.

Mady is inspired by emotion. Every time she’s sketching a new piece, it reflects her mood and personality at that very moment. These days, nature influences this 13-year-old. Her collection for the show was inspired by water. Her new collection is based on her impressions of brilliant, exuberant sunlight. Mady’s favorite designer is Chanel. She chose her mother Tracy to be her assistant.

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