Three Strand Green Necklace on Leather Cord

Three Strand Green Necklace on Leather Cord

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads/Westrim Crafts
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70 - light green Eeads from green glassini bead mix #51245

34mreenound raku beads #BM74707-LE-016
7 - medium green round rakueads #BM74817-LE-016
6 - large ovalreen round raku beads74807-LE-016
12 - large oval wood beads #WT 67500-SE-000
5 - silver flypacers bead shop #51
1ack of .5 mmlack leather cord #WT940-PE-089
1 - square toggle clasp #81598
1. Cut three 1 yard pieces of leatherord.
2. Attach all threeordsogether to aoggle claspith a knot aslose as
possibleo edges. Tighten and trim excess cord.
3. Forirst strand,ake aimple knot 1 from clasp.
4. String two lightreeneads, large ovalood bead, and two more light green
5. Make aimple knot as close as possibleo beads.
6. Make anothernot 1 from previous one.
7. String lightreenead, two mm green round raku beads,nd lightreen E
8. Make aimple knot as close as possibleo beads.
9. Repeat steps 3-8 four more times.

10. Repeatteps 3-5ne more time.

11. Forecond strand, make anot from clasp.
12. String 6m green round raku bead,hen make anot close to bead.
13. Make another knot from previous and string: ight green E bead, large oval
raku bead,ndight green bead,henake a knotloseo beads.
14. Make anot from previous knot.
15. String 6m green round raku bead,hen make anot close to bead.

16. Make anot from previous knot.
17. String lightreenead, silver flypacer,ndight green E bead,henake

Courtesyflue Moon

Beads/Westrim Crafts


18. Make anot 1 from previous knot.

19. String mm greenound raku bead, largeval woodead,ndmreen
20. Make anot 1 from previous knot.
21. Repeat steps 21-24ive more times.
22. Repeat
23. Put all threeeather cord strands together and make a knot with all of them.

NOTE: Try to make final knot theame distancerom edge asor beginning.

24. Trim two of three cords.

25. Attach cordo togglear by making a knot andrim excessord.

Skillevel:omexperience helpful
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