Tool Tote

Tool Tote

Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information

OLFA® Splash™ 45mm Rotary Cutter
3 yards of belting for the tote strap
OLFA® 24”x36” Self-Healing Rotary Mat
1/3 yard - fabric for cuff
OLFA® 6”x24” Ruler
Additional fabric for pockets
7/8 yards of quilted fabric
2 large buttons
Sewing machine
Basic sewing supplies


1. Cut quilted fabric to 26"x38".
2. Bind around edges of quilted fabric piece, when the binding, add two loops opposite each other along the long sides of the tote near one end (see image of open tote).
3. When placing the button loops, be careful of
placement. Fabric should fold over 18"x24" OLFA® mat, and when buttoned closed mat shouldn’t slide out of the sides of the tote
4. Lay belting on the fabric to create an oval shape - this will create the handles of tote.
5. Securely stitch belting to the quilted fabric.
6. To make pockets, lay out all the OLFA® rulers to carry in tote
7. Cut a piece of fabric so that when it is folded in half, it will be twice as big as the ruler plus one inch all the way around the ruler.
8. Fold the fabric in half and sew the two ends, using a 1/4" seam allowance. The top of the pocket will have a double raw edge.
9. Make as many differently-sized pockets as desired, then stitch the pockets to the quilted cover. Stitch down along three sides - leaving the top edge (with the binding) open.
10. When stitching down the pockets - keep in mind that the tote will have two top edges (the tote will fold in half when carrying it - so position pocket openings so they face up when you close the tote.
11. Fold tote closed, and mark the spot to place buttons. Stitch buttons in place.