Treasure Trove

Treasure Trove

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Die Cuts With A View
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  • DCWV® 12"x12" Peachy Keen Stack
  • DCWV® 12"x12" Shimmer stack
  • Blue Moon® Beads: large strand(s) of white pearls
  • Blue Moon® Beads: large strand of antique gold chain(s)
  • Blue Moon® Beads: starfish charms
  • Antique brass key
  • Large ready-to-finish wooden treasure chest
  • Set of 3 paper mache boxes (the 2 following the first slightly larger than each other)
  • Bottle with cork
  • Medium sized cookie jar
  • Headband
  • Wooden starfish
  • Assortment of seashells
  • Self-adhesive clear pearls
  • Black netting
  • 1/4" gray grosgrain ribbon
  • One 1-1/2" gray decorative ribbon
  • 1" cream decorative ribbon
  • Leather
  • Jute
  • Monofilament string
  • Jump rings
  • Rub-on letters or clear sticker phrases
  • Personal die cutting machine with hibiscus die cut shape
  • Paper crafting adhesive (including hot glue & decoupage glue)
  • Desired tools for jewelry-making
  • Scoring tool
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


Treasure Box
Decoupage desired paper from the Peachy Keen stack onto all sides of the box. When covering the box, remove metal fixtures to facilitate the process.
2. Once the outside is dry, cover the inside of the box with a coordinating print from the stack.
3. After all sides are dry, add the metal fixtures back onto the box. Embellish the box with an antique key hanging on the front, netting in the back, as well as any other desired jewels and items on the top or sides.

Treasure Box Banner
Cut 5 small triangle pennants from assorted prints in the Peachy Keen stack. Mat them on a coordinating solid from the shimmer stack, leaving 1/2" on each side of each triangle. Cut these out, leaving a 1/4" border around each side.
2. Punch a hole in each top corner of the triangle pennants. Thread a piece of jute through the holes, stringing them together. Add any desired jewelry charms and/or ribbon embellishments to the middle and/or ends of the banner.
3. Hang on the inside lid of the treasure box.
Select a print from the stack. Cut it to 5-1/2"x11". Score the page in half and fold in half to create a 5-1/2"x5-1/2" card.
2. Select 3 coordinating prints from the stack. Cut the 1st to 5"x5", the 2nd to 4-3/4"x4-3/4" and the 3rd to 5"x2". Adhere the 2nd and 3rd pieces together. Wrap a strip of the gray grosgrain ribbon around the center of the smaller piece, tying it off in a bow. Adhere this grouping to the center of the 1st print and then add the entire grouping to the center of the card.
3. Add a sticker or rub on sentiment to finish it off, just above the strip on the card.

Gift Boxes
Cover the outside of the paper mache boxes with assorted prints from the Peachy Keen stack.
2. Insert gift(s) into their respective boxes. Stack the boxes together, the largest on the bottom and the smallest at the top. Put the middle of the decorative gray ribbon across the top of the stack and take it down the 2 sides to the bottom. Cross the ribbon underneath and bring it back up the opposite sides, tying it off in a bow at the top.
3. Add a paper flower at the top using coordinating prints and solids from the Peachy Keen and Shimmer stacks. When putting the flower together, be sure to curl back the top of each petal with a pencil, as well as use a wire base for the center section. This will give the flower a more life-like quality.

Treat Jar
Wrap a piece of the gray decorative ribbon around the center of the jar and tie it off in the front.
2. Wrap the jute around the center of the gray decorative ribbon at least 8 times and tie it off in the front.
3. Add in cookies, cupcakes, candies, or any other desired treats for the party.
4. Cover the lid with a print from the Peachy Keen stack. Create a tag using a print from the same stack. Add a sticker or rub-on letters to the tag to describe the contents of the jar.
5. Finish the jar by adding an additional section of the gray grosgrain ribbon underneath the lid, tying on your tag in the front.

Tropical Headband
Cover the top of the headband with a print from the Peachy Keen stack.
2. Adhere a grouping of seashells onto the headband, slightly off-center.
3. Cover the wooden starfish with a print from the Peachy Keen stack. Add the clear rhinestones on the top. Add any additional metal charms as desired and then adhere this to the center of the seashell grouping.

Message in a Bottle
1. Cut a 6"x12" strip of paper from the Peachy Keen stack. Write a message to the guest and then roll up the paper and insert into the bottle. Add a few seashells inside the jar and close it with the cork.
2. Wrap a piece of ribbon or section of leather around the neck of the bottle, adding on the starfish charm.
3. Repeat as needed.

Pearl Necklace
1. String desired length of pearls onto a monofilament string. Secure the ends and add a jump ring on each end.
2. Attach the strand pearls to an equal amount of chain, joining them together at the jump rings.
3. Embellish the “junction points" with some leather and additional charms.
4. Repeat as needed.