Trendy T-Shirt Necklace

Trendy T-Shirt Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores

Additional Information



  • Silver jewelry wire, 1 pkg each: 16-gauge, 28-gauge
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • 1 pkg medium cable chain
  • 1 pkg fancy cable chain
  • 1 pkg silvertone wire-wrapped donut
  • 1 strand plastic knot beads
  • 1 strand smaller metal beads
  • 2 cotton T-shirts without side seams
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter, mat & ruler


  1. Wash and dry T-shirts.
  2. Lay shirts on working surface to smooth out all wrinkles. Cut off bottom hems and discard.
  3. Starting at bottom, cut strips of various sizes across the T-shirts, ranging from 1/2" to 1" wide.
  4. Take one strip and pull gently, so strip folds in on itself, creating a tube. Repeat with all strips.
  5. Cut 10" pieces of jewelry wire. String on knot beads leaving 1/2" free at each end. Use needle-nose pliers to bend wire ends, creating hooks for placement of T-shirt tubes and jewelry chains.
  6. Hang small silver chain from the hooks, cut to desired length.
  7. Place beads on the T-shirt tubes, laying different lengths. Tie knots into occasional tubes for texture and to hold beads in place on several.
  8. Hang tubes on hooks, doubling the length if desired.
  9. Hang large silver chain from the hooks, threading on a wire-wrapped donut in 2-4 places.
  10. Using needle-nose pliers, wrap hook closed and thread end of wire into last bead.
    Option: Layer more tubes under necklace.