Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Design Master
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  • Design Master® Products:
    ColorTool® Spray Color: Turquoise & Teal
    Mess Master Spray Solvent
  • Artist Canvas:
    One 12" sq. Gallery Canvas
    Four 6" square back-stapled deco canvases
  • 5" square heavy-duty chipboard
  • 1-1/4" diameter bottle caps: five teal and three silver
  • Two saw tooth hangers & nails
  • Old newspapers
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Paper towels
  • Hammer


Note: To become comfortable with spraying technique, start spraying the lightest 6" square first.
1. In well-ventilated newspaper-covered area, hold Mess Master can even with edge of one 6" square canvas. Lightly spray, and immediately lightly spray with ColorTool® Turquoise. Rub painted area with paper towel to remove excess paint. (Mess Master will slightly dilute Turquoise to make it easy to rub off so that color will be very light in value.) Continue to paint and rub edges. In same manner, paint top surface. Set aside to dry.
2. For second 6" canvas, lightly spray edges then top surface with Turquoise. For third 6" canvas, spray with two light coats Turquoise. For fourth 6" canvas, spray edges and top surface with ColorTool® Teal. Allow to dry.
3. Follow these steps to paint a gradation on 12" sq. canvas: (Note: Spray from darkest corner to lightest.) With Turquoise, lightly spray all edges. Place canvas diagonally (like a diamond) with one corner toward front, on work surface. With paint can nozzle, almost parallel to surface, spray across top of canvas, with darker concentration at corner closest to front, graduating to lightest concentration at opposite corner. Lightly spray until satisfied with effect, then, very lightly spray "Teal" on darkest corner and sides of canvas.
4. Place chipboard square on work surface. Arrange canvases on chipboard, according to photo, with three darker 6" and large canvases in four-square formation. To connect, hot glue four canvases onto chipboard. When cooled, carefully turn over onto paper towels. Use hammer to attach saw tooth hanger on center top of large canvas. Though not in line with first hanger, attach second saw tooth hanger on center top of upper small canvas. Turn unit back over, to front side.
5. Place lightest-value 6" canvas on top, overlapping all four canvases. Hot glue to contact points on canvases beneath. Glue bottle caps, some convex, some concave, on canvases. If desired, let a couple run off edge of canvases.