Two-Tone Pendant

Two-Tone Pendant

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jessie James Jewelry
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Additional Information



  • Dress It Up items:
    • 1 pkg Passion For Pendants
    • 1-2 pkgs Purple Passion beads
  • 24" coated beading wire
  • 3 crimp beads
  • 1 clasp set
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers or bead crimping tool


  1. Pull out 13 tiny beads from the package of Purple Passion beads. String beads onto beading wire until all beads are centered along length of wire. Put the pendant on the wire, resting it between tiny beads 6 and 7.
  2. Join the 2 strands of beading wire together and string 1 tiny bead onto the two joined strands of wire; pull strands tight to create a loop of tiny beads that holds the pendant onto the wire.
  3. Keeping the 2 strands of beading wire together, choose an accent bead to string onto the wire; pull down the length of the wire until it rests on the tiny bead. Follow this with a crimp bead. Flatten the crimp bead with needle-nose pliers or bead crimping tool.
  4. With both strands of wire still together, string on one tiny bead and an accent bead.
  5. Separate the strands of wire, holding one strand in your left hand and one strand in your right hand. Create a pattern with your remaining beads, using exactly the same pattern of beads on the left and right to string necklace.
  6. 6. When you have finished stringing bead pattern, put a crimp bead on the wire, followed by a tiny bead and the clasp. Feed the wire back through the tiny bead and the crimp bead; pull the wire so that everything is tight. Flatten the crimp bead to hold the wire. Feed the wire back through the next 2 beads on the strand and cut the remaining wire with wire cutters.


  • Ocean Lucite with High Tides
  • Two-tone Lucite with Teaberry or Purple Passion
  • Dark Amber with Sunset