Umbrella Makeover

Umbrella Makeover

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Prym
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Additional Information



  • Babyville Boutique®:
    PUL - 2 yards
    EZ Adjust Tape™ - 1-1/2'
  • Old umbrella – easiest with twist-off tip
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


1. Untwist top of umbrella or carefully break off tip. Tip will be reapplied after completing umbrella cover.
2. Remove cover by clipping connecting threads. Make sure to note where and how the umbrella is secured to the frame. Carefully cut seams of one of the triangle sections. This will be your pattern.
3. Using old umbrella section as pattern, add 3/8' on all sides for seam allowance. Cut out 8 pieces from PUL, matching fabric pattern if necessary.
4. Turn up lower edge of triangles 3/8' and stitch to hem.
5. At top of triangles, mark intersection of stitching lines with dot. Stitch umbrella sections, right sides together, using 3/8' seam allowance. Stop stitching just below top dots. Trim points of triangles about 1/4'. If original cover was wrapped around tips and stitched to secure, stop stitching 1/2' from hem edge. Stitch all seams again, 1/8' from original stitching and trim to 1/4'.
6. Cut a 2-1/2' circle from PUL. Cut hole in center and place, right side down, over post at umbrella top.
7. Position new cover over frame. Hand stitch seamed edges and seam allowances to tips of frame at original stitching points on the frame. There may be holes in the frame to accommodate the stitches.
8. Center cover hole over center post of frame. Cut a 1-1/4' circle from PUL. Cut a hole and position over center post, right side up. Screw top back onto frame. If tip was broken off, glue back in place.
9. For umbrella tie: Fold up umbrella and wrap tape measure around cover near top to determine length. Cut 2' x (measurement + 2') from PUL. On 1 short end, measure in 1/2'. Draw line from mark to opposite corner. Cut at line to create angle. Turn all edges under 1/4' and stitch. Stitch hook side of EZ Adjust Tape to right side at angled end. Align corner of tape with top of angle. Stitch loop side to wrong side of tie at other end.
10. Stitch tie to middle of one section about 1' to 4" up from edge. Align angle with center of triangle.