Vegetable Print Alien Tote

Vegetable Print Alien Tote

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • White canvas tote
  • Cardboard 11"x12"
  • Paper towels
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic cups
  • Cutting board
  • Water container
  • Medium & small acrylic brushes
  • 1" flat brush for background
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Sketch paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 1" painters tape
  • Vegetables: large eggplant (3 ½ in. wide), baby carrots, 2 small mushrooms, 1 medium sized red onion, 2 snap peas
  • Folk Art® Plaid® Acrylic Paint: Navy Blue, Brilliant Blue, Moon Yellow, Licorice, Pure Orange, Lipstick Red, Wicker White, Yellow Citron, Violet Pansy, Fresh Foliage


1. Put cardboard inside tote.
2. Rule off 9-1/2" square in the center of tote with pencil. Lay painters tape around outside of perimeter of square.
3. Mix background color in plastic cup making enough for two coats and touch ups. Create background color by combining: Brilliant Blue, Navy Blue, and small amount of Licorice. Mix thoroughly until desired color is achieved. Paint in masked area with flat brush. Let dry. Repeat if needed.
4. Cut all vegetable stamps free hand with knife or by using a template. To create template sketch desired shape on paper. Cut out with scissors and place on vegetable. Cut around paper template with knife.
5. Cut Sun stamp from a large eggplant. Find a wide area of eggplant around 3-1/4" in width. Cut a 1/2" slice. Place slice onto cutting board. Cut out a 3-1/4" sun shape with knife.
6. Put small amount of yellow paint onto plate. With a brush, paint a generous amount of paint on to one side of sun stamp. Stamp sun onto the Tote. Press down gently with palm or fingers. Remove stamp carefully. Repeat process to create desired coverage. Brush may be used to touch up.
7. To create swirl on sun, cut a circular shape out of the already existing sun stamp. Paint an orange swirl in the middle of the circle. Press circle stamp onto the already stamped yellow sun. Add red with brush to accent the swirl.
8. Cut alien spacecraft from eggplant. Slice 2-1/2" slices from the wide end of eggplant. Slices should be 3-1/2" wide. Use round edge of eggplant for the bottom edge of Spacecraft. Cut out 2 bases for the spacecraft with knife. Completed base should be around 3-1/4" in length. Put orange and blue paint onto plate. Brush bases generously with paint. Position the base stamps in desired location on Tote. Press gently. Remove stamp from bag. Repeat if needed. Touch up with brush.
9. Cut alien craft’s dome from remaining eggplant slice. Dome should be 3/4" in size. Brush white paint onto dome stamp and stamp onto top of craft base. Remove stamp. Do not repeat, as dome should be fuzzy in appearance.
10. Create Alien stamp by cutting a small mushroom in half. Mix green paints onto a plate to create desired color. Brush flat side of mushroom with paint. Stamp alien into dome of spacecraft. For eyes, slice a small baby carrot in half. Coat flat end of carrot with white paint. Stamp onto dried green alien. Put small amount of black paint onto plate. With small brush paint mouth, antennas, and pupils of alien.
11. Decorative stripes on alien’s crafts can be created with red onion slices. Cut 1/8" wide slice of onion. Unravel and choose a ring. Slice ring in half. Trim ring half to desired length. Brush color choice on flat end of onion ring. Stamp the ring onto crafts. You may also use a small brush to decorate the spacecraft.
12. Create decorative circles on base of alien crafts by stamping slices of baby carrots dipped in paint.
13. Cut the rocket ship from a wide eggplant slice. Cut freehand or create template. Upper rocket piece measures 3" in length. Color for upper rocket is mixed on plate with White, Brilliant Blue and a dab of Violet. Lower base of rocket is cut from eggplant slice and is 1" in length. The base is yellow. Brush paint onto rocket pieces and stamp onto tote. Create rocket wings from a split snap pee. Trim to size with scissors and stamp with red paint onto the sides of rocket. Fumes are created with red onion slices and stamped with white paint. Baby carrot slices, eggplant and onion may all be used to stamp decorative features onto craft.
14. Cut star with knife from an eggplant slice. Paint white paint onto stamp. Stamp stars onto blue background.
15. Let Dry.
16. Remove cardboard.

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