Veggie Apron

Veggie Apron

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Craftwell
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Supplies and Tools-
•    White Apron
•    eBrush Machine
•    Markers (red, orange, green, black)
•    Buttons
•    Ribbon
•    Needle & Floss
•    Vinyl
•    Electronic Die Cutting Machine
•    Painter’s Tape
•    Paper (or something else) to protect your work surface


1.    Use electronic die cutting machine to create a checkerboard stencil from vinyl.
2.    Apply checkerboard stencil to apron along the top edge of the apron pockets. Use tape to cover the exposed areas of the apron surrounding the stencil, making sure to press down the edges firmly. This will protect your project from overspray.
3.    Use the eBrush to spray the checkerboard pattern with a red marker. Remove stencil.
4.    Create stencils for the vegetable pieces and word from vinyl using an electronic die cutting machine.
5.    Begin by placing the tomato stencil in the center of the apron, making sure to protect other exposed areas of your project with tape. Spray the tomato with the red marker loaded into the eBrush machine. To create the look of a rounded tomato, hold the eBrush further away from the project for a light spray of color in the center of the tomato. For the darker edges, hold the eBrush closer to your project as you spray.
6.    Repeat this process for the other colors/stencils for your design. Remove all tape and stencil pieces.
7.    Add three green buttons to the pea pod using a needle and floss. 
8.    Tie a large red button with ribbon and then stitch to the top of the apron as a decorative accent.