Vintage-Look Pleated Pillow

Vintage-Look Pleated Pillow

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Fabric Editions
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Additional Information



  • 20-pc Fabric Central Vintage Jellies
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter, mat, acrylic ruler
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron, pressing surface
  • Pencil

WS=Wrong Side(s)
RS=Right Sides

DIRECTIONS: Refer to photo. Use 1/4" seam allowance unless noted. See PDF for Diagrams referenced.

  1. Select 2 strips for the pillow borders. Select 2 strips for the base of the center (these will not be visible). Select 9 strips for the pillow center. Select 6 strips for the pillow back.
  2. Cut the 2 base strips in half & sew together to form an 81/2"x21" section (Diagram 1). Use a ruler & pencil to mark parallel lines as a guide for keeping the pleats straight (Diagram 2).
  3. Fold the 9 pillow center strips in half lengthwise, WS together, Match the long raw edges. Press (Diagram 3). Cut into quarters to create thirty-six 10"x1-1/4" pieces (Diagram 4). Alternate colors & the scale of prints randomly if desired. Or, blend pieces from dark to light or alternate darks & lights. Starting on the left side 1" from edge, pin folded strip to base section. Sew the length of the strip along the raw edge (Diagram 5). The next folded strip is placed 5/8" from the folded edge, covering half of the sewn strip. Pin in place. Sew the strip along the raw edge (Diagram 6). Continue across base, adding strips. Strips cover 18-1/2" of the base. Use an acrylic ruler & rotary cutter to trim pleats to be even with the base edge (Diagram 7). Trim sides. Trim backing to be even with the pleats (Diagram 8). Side borders will be sewn on top of the pleats.
  4. Pin & sew the 2 border strips to the top & bottom of the pleats. Sew in the direction of the pleats so they remain flat & neat. Trim ends to use for side borders. Press toward the borders (Diagram 9). Pin side borders with raw edges. The seam will cover the first pleat's fold & last pleat's seam. Press toward borders. Trim evenly (Diagram 10).
  5. Sew the remaining 6 strips together to form the backing. Press seams in 1 direction.
  6. Place the pillow top on the strip-pieced backing. Trim excess from both sides (Diagram 11). With RS together, pin around the edges. Sew around the pillow, leaving a 5" opening in the bottom to turn. Turn RS out; stuff with polyester fiberfill & close the opening with slip-stitch.