Washi Tape Christmas Tree on Canvas

Washi Tape Christmas Tree on Canvas

Additional Information



  • Canvas
  • Washi tape – 4 designs
  • White alphabet stickers
  • White cardstock
  • Xyron – small
  • Zots (optional)
  • Red paint and brush
  • Scissors


1. Paint canvas. Note: if the background is a dark color, Washi tape will need to be backed by white paper to keep the design bright. If using a light color background, Washi tape may be applied as is.
2. To back Washi tape: Adhere Washi tape to white cardstock and run it through the Xyron. Trim away excess papers, peel backing off, and attach to canvas to create a tree and star design. If design peels away from canvas, secure with concealed Zots.
3. Spell “Joy" with either white alphabet stickers or white alphabet stickers covered with pieces of Washi tape, at the lower corner of the canvas.

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