Watermelon Costume
ITEM # 3179515P109
Watermelon Costume
ITEM # 3179515P109


  • Pink T-shirt
  • Black Felt
  • Green fabric
  • Medium black pom poms
  • Small black pom poms
  • Pink bandana
  • Green headband
  • Stuffing
  • Template (provided)
  • General sewing supplies
  • Hot glue gun/apparel glue

  1. Cut black see shapes from black felt. Glue to Shirt.Cut Smaller seed shapes for headpiece. Glue those in place
  2. Cut 2 3" x 36" strips of green fabric.
  3. To print the template, click on the "Download Project PDF" button (above). Cut 2 on fold out of pink bandanna.
  4. With right sides together stitch, leaving a 1-2" opening.
  5. Turn and press.
  6. Stuff and stitch opening closed, creating a wedge shape.
  7. Glue bottom of wedge to headband.
  8. Glue small pom poms to wedge, representing seeds.
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