Weaving Sticks Headband with Box

Weaving Sticks Headband with Box

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  • Clover Needlecraft Weaving Sticks (Fine)
  • Lion Brand® Yarn Jamie: Caribbean Stripes - 1 skein
  • 1 headband
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure


1. Thread three weaving sticks each with 20" of yarn. Pull yarn to its center; this is the warp.
2. Tie a slip knot with yarn and slide knot onto left weaving stick.
3. Hold the sticks vertically, side-by-side. Loop the yarn around the back of the middle weaving stick; bring it to the front of the third weaving stick.
4. Continue weaving in this manner back and forth around the sticks for approximately 4".
5. Tie weaving yarn to the last stick, cut the yarn leaving an approx. 5” tail. Push all of the weaving yarn off the sticks and center on the warp. Remove sticks.
6. To secure work, tie off any excess warp thread on each end and trim.
7. Use yarn to wrap center, creating a bow shape.
8. Use darning needle and yarn to secure bow to headband.

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