Whale Beach Tote

Whale Beach Tote

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: ShurTech Brands, LLC
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Additional Information

  • Duck® brand duct tape: red, white, silver coin, beige, electric blue, black, blue, zebra
  • X-acto® craft knife
  • Pen
  • One set of Velcro® brand self-adhesive circles
  • Cutting board
  • Scissors
  • Dime, penny

1. TOTE SIDES: Make two 15"x24" sheets of duct tape fabric. On the first, one side will be blue, the other zebra. For the 2nd sheet, 1 side will be red & white horizontal stripes, the other will be zebra. At both edges of the sheets, cut out a half circle shape to be used for the sides of the tote.

2. TOTE BOTTOM: Make a 24"x6" sheet of duct tape fabric. Make 1 side white and the other zebra. Cut out an almond shape that takes up the entire sheet of duct tape fabric.

3. WHALE: Lay out overlapping strips of electric blue duct tape on a cutting board to make a 12"x6" piece. Draw a whale. Cut out with the craft knife. Place whale in center of blue sheet. Cut out a white circle, using a penny for a stencil. Cut out a black circle the size of a dime for eyes. Use a scrap piece of white duct tape for the pupil. Lay out a strip of black duct tape. Draw & cut out a smile. Cut out an electric blue triangle for the water spout. Cut out a fluffy cloud shape for the foam on the spout.

4. ANCHOR: Lay 9"x9" overlapping strips of silver coin duct tape on the cutting board. Draw an anchor. Cut it out with the craft knife. Place a piece of paper over the anchor and trace it. Draw how the rope is to wrap around the anchor and cut them out. Use this as a stencil on the beige duct tape. Stick the rope pieces and the anchor onto the red & white striped side.

5. Use 1"x2" strip of white duct tape to adhere the bottom to one of the side pieces. Align and work from the inside out. When one side is attached to the bottom piece, tape the other to the bottom and then tape both of the sides. Tape around the inside edges with zebra duct tape.

6. HANDLES: Tear off a 38" length of duct tape. Position it sticky side up on the table. Fold the edge over onto itself a little & roll it up. Tear off another 38" long piece & place the rolled piece o the new piece. Roll it again. Repeat 3 to 4 more times to form a rope. Repeat to make a second rope.

7. Cut 4 holes the size of a penny in the top of the tote – 2 on the left and 2 on the right. Leave 2" of space between the holes. Tie a large tight knot at the very end of the rope and feed it through the 2 holes on the left, then through the holes on the right. Tie a knot on the other end. Repeat on the other side of the tote.

8. Put Velcro® self-adhesive circles inside the beach tote.