Why I Love My Grandma Book

Why I Love My Grandma Book

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  • 8 sheets DCWV 4"x4" Match Makers Brights adhesive mat stack
  • Six 2" lengths of 5/8" ribbon, red
  • Four 6-1/2" lengths of 1/8" ribbon, yellow
  • Tacky glue stick
  • 1 sheet Creative Imaginations epoxy alphas
  • Papercrafting embellishments
  • Sharpie marker, thin black
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


  1. Following illustration, glue 2" lengths of ribbon on 4 cardstock squares to create hinges.
  2. Glue 6-1/2" lengths of ribbon onto first and fourth squares.
  3. Glue other four cardstock squares to the squares from step one, encasing the ribbon between layers.
  4. Press with heavy books until glue sets.
  5. Use embellishments, alphas and marker to decorate the pages and complete the story.
  6. Fold accordion style; tie end ribbons to hold closed.
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