Wicked Fun Witch

Wicked Fun Witch

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  • Cousin® Multi Glitter Rounds (4 pk)
  • Cousin® Multi Rounds w/ Rhinestones (1 pk)
  • Scissors
  • Bead reamer
  • Glue
  • Foam boards
  • Black ribbon
  • Foam letters
  • Hemp
  • Small stick
  • Wire
  • Ruler


1. Cut (30) 3” lengths of hemp.
2. Cut a 14” length of wire and wrap the gathered hemp lengths together at one end.
3. Cut a 20” length of wire and wrap the hemp wrapped section with the stick.
4. Use the bead reamer to create sets of holes at both sides of where the broom rests on the board. Follow the same steps for secure the ribbon hanger for securing the broom at the back of the foam board.
5. Glue the bead design onto the foam board, referring to photo for placement, leaving room for text.

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