Wildly Charming Jewelry

Wildly Charming Jewelry

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Advantus/Sulyn

Additional Information



  • 2 Jewelry Fundamentals Acrylic Beads Card - Checks  
  • 3 Advantus/Sulyn 7 in. Large Round Faceted Glass Beads Strand – Onyx 1 Jewelry Fundamentals 12” Mini Crystalline Black Beads Strand
  • 2 Jewelry Fundamentals 18”Chain Necklace Kit – Silver Finish
  • 1 Jewelry Fundamentals Earring Assortment Pack
  • Pliers (Roundnose & Needlenose)




  1. Make a total of 48 wire wrapped loop charms: 24 using the Mini Crystalline and Large Round Faceted Beads, 24 using the Mini Crystalline and Acrylic Beads.
  2. Starting at one of the larger links nearest the center of necklace, start attaching charms to the necklace using split rings from the Chain Necklace Kit.
  3. Attach 4 charms to each large link on the necklace for approximately 12 links.
  4. Remove clasps to shorten chain by 1” on each side. (May shorten more if desired.)
  5. Reattach the lobster clasp and jump ring.



  1. For each earring separate 3 segments of links from chain necklace as follows: 1-link section, 2-link section, and a 3-link section.
  2. Attach jump ring to chain sections and attach to earwire.
  3. Make 2 wire wrapped loop charms using Large Round Faceted and Mini Crystalline Beads.
  4. Make 1 wire wrapped loop charm using the Acrylic and Mini Crystalline Beads.
  5. Attach the 2 charms with the Large Round Faceted Beads to the 1-link and the 3-link sections of chain.
  6. Attach the remaining charm to the section of chain with 2 links.