Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Plaid
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Additional Information



  • FolkArt High Definition paints:
    • Wicker White 4500
    • Calypso Sky 4524
    • Cayman Blue 4525
    • Ultramarine Blue 4526
    • Cerulean Blue 4549
    • Light Periwinkle 4527
    • Night Sky 4530
    • Payne's Gray 4552
  • FolkArt High Definition Flow Medium 4536
  • FolkArt High Definition Tools:
    • Background and Texture Tool Kit 5010
    • Brush Set 4327
    • Brush Set 4328
    • Paint and Palette Knife Set 4330
  • 18"x24" Canvas


  1. Load flocked sponge with Ultramarine Blue. Paint entire canvas with this color and allow to dry.
  2. Using 1" flat brush, pick up generous portions of Ultramarine Blue and Payne's Gray. Use a slip-slap motion to make criss-cross strokes on outer edges of entire canvas, darker around the edges and lighter toward the center. Work this 4" in from outer edges. Pick up more color and Flow Medium as needed.
  3. Using the same brush without cleaning, pick up shades of Cerulean Blue, Night Sky, Cayman Blue and Calypso Sky as you continue to work toward the middle of canvas.
  4. As you reach the center of the canvas, use the same brush to cover the center of the canvas with Light Periwinkle and Wicker White for a nice transition from darker edges to a very light center.
  5. Using 1" flat brush, work the brush along the bottom of the canvas, left to right, smoothing out paint for the ground area. Pick up various shades of blue to complete this step.
  6. Paint path using 3/4" flat brush loaded with Light Periwinkle and Wicker White. Sweep the brush left to right.
  7. Paint tree trunks with #16 flat brush loaded with Payne's Gray. For smaller trees, use #10 flat brush. Paint with generous amounts of paint and leave dimension. Let dry a bit before adding highlights on tree trunks using #10 flat brush on the chisel edge loaded with shades of Light Periwinkle and Wicker White. Notice how the tree trunks reduce in size toward the center of the path.
  8. Using #16 brush and #10 flat brush, pick up generous amounts of shades of all colors and paint the sky. Leave heavy dimension. Refer to the photo to see how the Wicker White forms a V-shape down the path.
  9. Load #10 brush with varying shades of blue and sweep the brush left to right on the ground cover and to the left and right of the pathway.
  10. Load #10 brush with Payne's Gray and with a light touch, add tree shadows to the path. Pick up varying shades of blue for further reflections in the path.
  11. Using Payne's Gray dimensionally from the bottle tip, add heavy texture to the largest tree trunks and either edge of the pathway. Use #10 flat brush to blend the edges.
  12. Using Wicker White dimensionally from the bottle tip, add heavy texture to the snow on the ground and a few highlights on the tree trunks.
  13. Load the palette knife with Wicker White and paint the heaviest largest reflections in the path.