Woodcrafted Plaque

Woodcrafted Plaque

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Walnut Hollow
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  • Walnut Hollow items: Creative Versa-Tool Basswood Country Round
  • Paper towel
  • Sealer or varnish
  • Pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Tape & scissors
  • Wood plaque

Note: Use any copyright-free designs for your project. You must use a laser copy for a successful transfer.


  1. Before using the Creative Versa-Tool, read through all instructions and follow safety precautions. Attach transfer point to tool. Tighten with pliers. Secure stand to a hard, heat-resistant surface with tape. Place tool on stand. Plug into electric outlet and press switch "ON". Let heat for 4-5 minutes. Practice on a scrap of wood before beginning project.
  2. Lightly sand wood surface. Remove dust with paper towel.
  3. Use scissors to cut design to be transferred. Leave an inch around perimeter of design to provide room for taping in position. Place the design, picture side down, onto wood. Tape securely in place. Tip: If tool has been heating for a long time, rub transfer point on a wood scrap to allow it to cool down slightly.
  4. Begin to transfer the design by rubbing the transfer point on back of laser copy, starting at the top. Move the point quickly to prevent the paper from burning. The design will begin to transfer immediately. Lift bottom of paper to check on the progress of the transfer. Continue until complete. Note: Paper will discolor a bit from the heat.
  5. Use scissors to cut verse. Leave enough room around verse to tape securely into position. Use transfer point to transfer entire verse.
  6. Turn tool switch to "OFF". If time permits, let the tool completely cool before removing point. If not, remove hot transfer point with pliers. Place hot point in a glass or tin container to cool. Attach square stamp point to tool. Tighten with pliers. Let heat.
  7. Hold tool in an upright position and press stamp onto edge of plaque. Tip: Practice on a wood scrap or back of plaque first. Hold stamp so the small lines on all four sides of the square are vertical and horizontal to the edge of the plaque. The small line on the left side of the stamp will also be used for the right side of the next stamp. Overlap the left line with the right line of the next stamp. When complete, the design will appear as a running stitch line around the plaque.
  8. When complete, turn tool "OFF" and let cool. Apply varnish to plaque for a protective finish.