Wrap and Tie Necklace

Wrap and Tie Necklace

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  • Red Heart Boutique Dash: 1 hank, Alpine


The hank is tied together with cotton string. Cut all ties and remove from hank to free the yarn before starting.

The yarn is wrapped to create a unique and individual design. It can be left long or wrapped shorter for a cowl look.

Finished measurements will vary depending on the style of wrap.

1. Decide on style of necklace. Leave first 10" free to tie the wraps later at back of neck. Wrap the yarn to desired length(s) and style.

2. The end of the necklace will need to be right next to beginning end, leaving at least 10" to wrap and tie.

3. Tie ends together, and then again around necklace. To cover knot, wrap the two ends around necklace. Weave in ends under the wrapped area.

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