Yarn Clutch

Yarn Clutch

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • 2 sheets of hot pink Darice plastic canvas10-1/2"x13-1/2"
  • 1 Red Heart® Super Saver Yarn, shocking pink
  • 1 Red Heart® Super Saver Yarn, black
  • Yarn needle
  • Everything Mary bamboo handles
  • Black spray paint
  • Scissors


1. Use black spray paint to coat the bamboo handles. Set aside to dry.
2. Take 1 full sheet of plastic canvas and measure out where the zig-zag lines will be. At the width end of the sheet, skip 9 squares, headed inwards. Mark 7 squares for one zig-zag. Skip 8 squares, then measure 7 more for another zig-zag. Skip 8 mores squares then mark another 7 squares for a zig-zag. Skip a final 8 squares and mark 7 more squares for the final zig-zag. There should be 9 squares left. (Head horizontally along edge of sheet)
3. Thread the needle with black yarn and begin making a diagonal loop stitch in the first 7 marked squares. Skip 4 squares, from edge of canvas, and place needle in the 6th square from the edge. Only thread 7 squares horizontally. Pull needle around through back to front again, to make a diagonal loop stitch that will cover front and back.
4. Change direction and skip another 4 squares headed in opposite diagonal direction. Remember to stitch through the previous used square. Skip another 4 squares and make another loop stitch diagonally in same direction. Proceed to change direction. Keep following such pattern until you reach the opposite end of sheet.
5. Use the pink yarn to fill in the empty canvas in the same directions as the zig-zag stitches go.
6. Cut a teardrop shape of canvas from another sheet. It should be 30 squares in length, the bottom of the tear drop should be 7 squares in length. The widest part should be only 18 squares wide, approx 9 squares up from bottom (7 squares). Cut at a slant to the 30th square from the widest part of the teardrop.
7. Stitch with same diagonal stitch on teardrop with shocking pink yarn.
8. Place teardrop bottom near center, length edge of whole zig-zag sheet. With yarn attach the two pieces together. Begin to fold the sheet around the teardrop and combine all the edges. Do the same with the other tear drop on other side of the sheet. An envelope shape should be made.
9. With yarn attach the bamboo handles to the top opening of purse.