You're In the Ring Necklace

You're In the Ring Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Coats & Clark

Additional Information



  • Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sparkle: 1 ball, Platinum
  • Yarn needle
  • 16 large hole beads
  • 8 rings, 1" diameter
  • White all-purpose glue


1. Cut a length of yarn that measures 1 yd; thread one ring onto middle of yarn. Thread both ends of yarn through a bead.
2. Thread another bead onto both ends of yarn and place it 3" from previous bead.
3. Thread on end of the yarn through a second ring and wrap each side of the ring with the yarn ends in opposite directions covering the ring (about 4-5 wraps).
4. Thread another bead onto both yarn ends, and slide it up to the yarn wrapped ring to secure the wraps.
5. Thread another large hole bead onto one length of yarn, followed by a large ring, and then draw the yarn back through the large hole bead securing the ring about 4" from the last bead.
6. Tie a knot just after the bead with the other length of the yarn. This knot will be glued later to hold it more securely.
7. Repeat these 6 steps until you have used all beads and rings. To join ends, place bead onto both ends slip one end through first ring and knot to other end.
8. Dab a bit of white glue onto all knots. Let dry and trim off excess yarn.