Zink Seasons Greeting Card

Zink Seasons Greeting Card

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Zink
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Additional Information



  • hAppy or hAppy+ Smart App printer
  • ZINK Design & Print Studio app
  • 2" zRoll
  • 3/4" zRoll
  • Baroque Background Pack
  • Circles Background Pack
  • Christmas Tags Art Pack
  • Rimouski Font
  • 5"x7" folded note cards & envelopes
  • Red cardstock (each card requires a 4-1/2"x6-1/2" piece)
  • White cardstock (each card requires a 4"x6" piece)
  • Rounded corner punch
  • Foam adhesive pop dot
  • Pencil


1. Load a 3/4" zRoll into your ZINK® Smart App printer and turn it on. Start by creating the green patterned strips for one card.
2. Tap New Design, size blank canvas to 3/4"x3".
3. Tap background and go to the Circles background pack in the Library. Scroll to the pattern shown in the photo (12th in the line up) and then choose a dark green from the color picker. Print 2 copies of this design.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 but change the size of the strip to 3/4"x3-1/2" inches. Print out 1 of this design.
5. Next create the red strips for one card. Start with the "Season's" strip. Tap New Design and size the blank canvas to 3/4"x4".
6. Go to the Baroque background pack and scroll to the pattern shown (12th in the lineup). Next choose a red from the color picker.
7. Select the Christmas Tags art pack and scroll to the 2nd design. Resize the art to bleed off the top and bottom. Refer to the photo for scale.
8. Tap type and enter "Season's" and tap done. Tap color and select white from the color picker.
9. Tap typeface and scroll to and tap Rimouski.
10. Adjust the position and size of the tag art and type elements to match the card in the photo. Print 1 strip.
11. Go to the Library of Designs and select the "Season's" label just created. Tap duplicate to make a copy.
12. Tap to select and edit this copy. On the canvas tap "Season's" and use the keyboard to change it to "Greetings." Reposition as needed. Print 1 copy.
13. Create the "2013" strip. Go to Library of Designs, select the "Greetings" strip and tap duplicate to create a copy.
14. With the duplicate on the canvas, tap "Greetings" and use the keyboard to change the word to "2013"
15. Reposition the type to match the photo. Print 1 strip.
16. Repeat steps 12 and 13, but for this copy change "Season's" to the names of choice. Resize the type to fit inside the tag (refer to photo). Print 1 copy.
17. Cut out the red and white cardstock layers. Trim the white cardstock with a rounded corner punch.
18. Print out the PDF template at 100% and use it to mark and position the strips onto the white card. Either mark the card lightly in pencil or use a light box to overlay the cardstock onto the template.
19. Start with the green strips. Remove the backing strips and place onto your cardstock.
20. Place the red Season's and Greetings strips diagonally across the green strips. Using the template, cut off one end to line up with the corresponding green strip ends.
21. Remove the backing from each strip and place onto the cardstock over the green strips. Trim off the other end to match up with the green strip.
22. For the top and bottom date and name strips cut out notches in the ends as shown in the photo.
23. Peel back 1" of the backing strip and trim off. Apply the adhesive end to the card. Attach a foam adhesive pop dot under the notched end to create dimensionality in your design.
24. Layer the white cardstock onto and attach to the red cardstock layer using double sided tape or pop dots. Then layer onto and attach the red and white cards to the white notecard.
25. Create address labels for the outer envelopes. For the return address tap New Design and resize the blank canvas to 3/4"x1-1/2". Use the same art, background, font and colors as used on the cards.
26. Repeat to create the main address label at 2"x2-1/2".