Zipper Cake Box

Zipper Cake Box

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Coats & Clark
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•             6 Coats All Purpose Polyester Zipper, variety of colors in 20 to 24” lengths

•             1 Coats Heavy Weight Jacket Zipper, 24” White

•             Dual Duty XP general purpose thread

•             1 pkg. Jumbo rick rack

•             6” paper mache hat box

•             1/4 yard, print fabric

•             Spray adhesive

•             Seam Sealant

•             Glue gun and glue sticks

•             Hand sewing needle

•             Staple remover


1. Trace box lid onto wrong side of fabric. Cut out. Measure around the box to get the circumference. Cut a strip of fabric the height of the box by circumference. Attach fabric to box following instructions on spray adhesive.

2. Using a staple remover, remove the bottom stop from all of the zippers except one polyester zipper. Separate and remove the pull.

3. Thread the hand sewing needle. Roll one zipper tape to form rose, taking a few hand stitches across the bottom to secure as you roll. The teeth will be the top of the rose. Make 8 “roses”. Glue to the top of the box leaving room in center.

4. Cut a 36” piece of rick rack. Dab seam in sealant on cut ends to prevent fraying. With hand needle and thread, push the needle through the end of each point on one side of the rick rack. Pull up the thread to gather the points, forming a flower. Take several stitches across the bottom of the flower to secure. Make a second flower.

5. Using one zipper tape, loop each side to form a bow. Cut a 2” piece of the white brass zipper tape. Dab with seam sealant. Wrap around bow to secure the loops together. Sew a few hand stitches to hold in place.

6. Arrange rick rack flowers and bow on top of box, glue in place.

7. At the base of the box, glue one zipper tape.

8. For the border at the top of the box, glue one size of the brass metal zipper. Layer a polyester zipper over this, followed by one zipper tape. Glue a piece of rick rack on top of the zippers. 

9. Thread hand needle with heavy thread and knot one end. Begin rolling the cut end of the zipper tape, overlapping each round.  Take a few hand stitches in each round to secure tape in place. When the tape is rolled completely into rosette, stitch several times across bottom or rosette to secure.

Optional: Inside of box may also be covered with fabric.