3D Perler Bead Dreidel

by JOANN |

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Intermediate 1-2 Hours


  • Four Bags of Perler® Beads [This example used light, medium, and dark blues]
  • Perler Bead Pegboards
  • Blue Colored Pencil
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue Gun Sticks
  • Optional: Painter's Tape


  1. This project creates one 3D perler bead dreidel. Follow our design or make your own.
  2. To find the downloadable patterns and additional instructions click on the "GET PATTERNS" tab above.
  3. Follow the instructions on the packaging of the perler bead pegboards—including use of the ironing paper, length of time ironing, and safety.
  4. Remember, the patterns provided are REVERSED designs because we prefer the IRONED SIDE of the perler beads on the INSIDE of the dreidel. After each perler bead panel is well ironed on one side, turn over, remove the pegboard, and briefly iron the other side. As you complete each panel, set it aside to cool under a book to prevent warping.
  5. Square sides: Create the four 13x 13 perler bead squares for the nun, gimmel, hay, and shin sides. Remember, these patterns are REVERSED.
  6. Triangle base: Create four 13 row perler bead triangles.
  7. Top piece: Create one 15x 15 perler bead square for the top. Leave the CENTER hole EMPTY. After ironing this panel, gently side a blue colored pencil through the center opening while the panel is still slightly warm. The pencil is the handle to spin your dreidel.
  8. Using a glue gun, assemble the nine perler bead panels—starting first with the square sides, secondly, the four triangle pieces which form the spinning base, and lastly, the top 15 x 15 panel. Add an extra bead of glue to the inside seams to reinforce before attaching the top piece.

    Nun = "nisht" or "nothing." The player does nothing.
    Gimel = "gantz" or "everything". Get everything that's in the pot.
    Hey = "halb" or "half". Take half of the pot.
    Shin = "shtel" or "put in". Share one to the pot.
    Together nun, gimmel, hay, and shin "Nes gadol haya sham", means "A great miracle happened there".


  • Patterns can be taped to a work surface under a clear perler pegboard to design with more ease.
  • Flatten ironed perler bead panels under a book while cooling to prevent warping.
  • Use painter's tape to temporarily hold pieces together while gluing.

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