Big Twist Loopity Loops Six Color Baby Blanket

by Big Twist |

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Intermediate 3-5 Hours
Length: 42”
Width: 36:
Big Twist Loopity Loops– 1 ball each of light pink, pink, orange, green, teal, blue
Notions: Tapestry needle, scissors, tape measure, matching sewing thread and needle
Bind off: Starting at the corner, pass the 2nd lp into the 1st lp, then pass the 3rd lp into the 2nd lp, then the 4th lp into the 3rd, etc. all the way across.
To attach a new color, simple start inserting the new balls first loop into the next available stitch on your scarf. Tie off the tail ends of the strands and weave them in later.
With your first color, starting from the end of the yarn, count off 50 lps.
Taking the next loop (the 51st loop) in hand, make a single twist clockwise in the 50th loop, then insert the 51st  loop from back to front into the 50th loop. (1 stitch is made.)
Repeat this process, working from left to right across, making a single twist clockwise in each loop before inserting the new loop across the row.  One row is complete.
Working from right to left, repeat as you did before, making a single twist clockwise in each loop before taking the next available loop from the yarn ball and inserting it (from back to front) into the next available loop.  Repeat across.
Repeat until 8 rows have been completed in first color. Change to second color and continue the twisted loop pattern for 8 more rows.
Continue changing colors every 8 rows until blanket measures desired length.
To finish off the blanket, start at the corner that does not have the yarn attached. Work Bind off until one lp remains.  Cut the last lp yarn and pull through. Fasten off. Securely fasten off last lp with a bit of sewing thread and needle.
lp(s)       loop(s)
rep         repeat
st            stitch
st(s)       stitch(es)

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