10 Home Spaces to Cheer Up with Sunshine Yellow

May 4, 2017 By Jo-Ann
10 Home Spaces to Cheer Up with Sunshine Yellow

By Laura Wheat, Houzz

There’s a place for color in every home, even if it’s only the pretty petals of a flower or the brushstrokes of an artwork. For those tempted to incorporate saturated shades into a neutral-only zone, why not try a brightening boost of yellow? This cheery color is the quick fix for lackluster spaces, its primary purity making it bold but accessible. See if these inspiring schemes can persuade you to introduce a little sunshine into your home this spring.

Sunshine Yellow

Hone Studio, original photo on Houzz

1. Try a shelfie. Muted shades work wonderfully with strong yellow, creating a graphic talking point in any scheme. The edge of this shelf-cum-desk got a lift with lively yellow paint. White and gray combine well with brights since they have a cool undertone.

2. Make it mini. Scared of color? Try a small dose of sunshine yellow on a narrow wall. Pair it with a matching chair to up the impact and provide an extra seat — for yourself or a bunch of spring blooms.

Sunshine Yellow

Occipinti, original photo on Houzz

3. Introduce yellow accessories. Combining colors well is a bit of an art, but one that’s fun to employ when mastered. This spirited space couldn’t fail to lift your mood when you wake, and the bright yellow lamp and cushion are the cherries on top. The strong, solid hue stands out amid the pattern mix and varying shades of blue in the room without competing.

Sunshine Yellow

Loaf, original photo on Houzz

4. Sofa so good. Sometimes the best ideas are the boldest. Upholstering a sofa in such a statement color may seem like a risky move, but if you love yellow, you’re sure to smile every time you sit on it. Let your sofa steal the show by sticking to a pale or neutral backdrop, with just a splash of a strong partner shade, as seen here. After all, there’s no hiding this baby in the corner!

For a more dramatic effect, jewel tones like the gold of this sofa really come alive against a dark background — try navy, gray or black.

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Sunshine Yellow

Nicola Hicks Designs, original photo on Houzz

5. Take a hint. A light hand is all that’s needed to feel the benefit of this cheerful color. These island stools are a little utilitarian and a lot of fun when added to the mix in this industrial-meets-traditional kitchen. Yellow-painted chairs could work elsewhere to jazz up a dreary dining table.

Sunshine Yellow

The Vawdrey House, original photo on Houzz

6. Aim for the unexpected. Placing wild colors in creative places is part of the fun when decorating. This bathroom could be very calm and grown-up without the cheeky yellow sconces, but why be sensible when you can showcase spectacular sunshine yellow?

7. Temper tradition. When the period features in your house are weighing you down, lighten the load with a little splash of color. It may seem sacrilegious to meddle with your mantelpiece, but see how exciting a bold change can be? With such a small area, repainting won’t take long if you tire of your fabulous fireplace.

8. Remake the bed. Bored with your bedroom? If a new bed is in the cards anyway, a brightly upholstered beauty will impart effortless style. Keep everything else pared back, and you’ll hardly have to do a thing to make your sleep space shine.

Sunshine Yellow

Black Parrots Studio, original photo on Houzz

9. Find the missing ingredient. Don’t learn to live with the despondent feeling you get when you’ve spent ages putting together a room design only to find it lacks that special something. There’s always a solution. These curtains shouldn’t work, but they do — and the whole room comes together as a result. If in doubt, say hello to yellow!

10. Rethink the runner. Who needs pricey carpet when you can make the stairs themselves the star of the show? Select proper floor paint that will endure multiple daily dashes up and down them, and, if you transform the stairs in your entryway, be prepared for those who come knocking to spy over your shoulder for a peek every time you open the front door!

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