A Perfect Pop of Halloween

Oct 20, 2015 By Courtney O'Dell
A Perfect Pop of Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, my kids and I have been trying all sorts of tasty new treats and fun dessert ideas! They love getting into holidays and helping me cook, and I love finding fun ways to get them involved in the kitchen. Crispy rice treats are always their favorite and we’ve been thinking up some fun new ways to make them more festive. These Halloween Treat Pops are the perfect recipe to spook up something special!

A Perfect Pop of Halloween
There are two versions of the Halloween Treat Pops here, one full of candy corn flavor (made with candy corn AND candy corn flavored M&M’s), as well as one with a surprise inside – a Halloween Oreo!

These treat pops are cute and fun to display, and are a unique way to serve crispy rice treats. They mimic caramel apples for a fun nod to a classic fall treat and your kids can help make them! I always try to make recipes my kids can help with when they ask for treats – it is a great way to help them learn how food is made. They are so thrilled when they have helped create something special!

These Halloween Treat Pops are perfect for parties, trunk or treats (with friends), and bake sales!

To make these, you’ll need:

● Paper straws, in Halloween colors
Wilton ball pan
● Candy corn
● Candy corn M&M’s
● Halloween Oreos
● 6 cups crispy rice cereal
● 5 Tablespoons butter
● 1 package jumbo marshmallows
● 3 Halloween Oreos
● ½ cup candy corn
● ½ cup candy corn flavored M&Ms
● ‘Eat Drink and Be Scary’ Drink tags

How to make the pops:

Step 1. In a pan on medium heat, slowly melt butter and marshmallows.

Step 2. When the butter and marshmallows are melted and creamy, add crispy rice cereal in and mix well.

Step 3. Divide into two well greased bowls.

Step 4. When cool (but not firm) add into Wilton ball shape pan.

A Perfect Pop of Halloween

Step 5. When set (about 30 minutes), remove from pan, and combine two half circles together. Push firmly, but carefully, to create a round shape.

Step 6. Add straw into ball and adorn with treat tag.

Serve and enjoy!

A Perfect Pop of Halloween

A Perfect Pop of Halloween

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