Adult Coloring Books

Jan 18, 2016 By Stefanie Knaus
Adult Coloring Books

Adults rediscovering their love of coloring – it’s everywhere! How many people do you know that are joining the trend? Personally, I absolutely loved coloring as a kid, and today’s selection of adult coloring books blows my mind. So many beautiful, inspiring designs to color, so little time!!

Adult Coloring Books
My friend, Lanie, recently invited a group of girls over for a cozy girls’ night in, complete with coloring. It was a huge success! Coloring doesn’t take so much concentration that everyone can’t join in on the girl talk and it’s inspiring to see how others add their own unique touch to the coloring pages!

Adult Coloring BooksHosting your own “coloring crafternoon” would be a blast! Here are a few tips to get you started on your planning.

● Create a space or two where people can comfortably work. Some people might like to work on a hard surface like a table or clipboard while others might prefer to get cozy on a couch and work inside a solid coloring book.
● Provide a variety of coloring utensils – jelly markers, metallic pens, and colored pencils are all good choices. Most adult coloring books have very intricate details, so fine point coloring instruments will work best. Remember to have a pencil sharpener or two on hand.
● Set out snacks that won’t leave fingers dirty or greasy for easy munching – pretzels, air-popped popcorn, etc.
● Add color and inspiration to the area with brightly colored flowers or perhaps display a few of your own finished colored artworks!
● Create a special dessert, like these Watercolor Cupcakes!
● Invite guests to bring their own coloring books or favorite pens/pencils.
● Provide adult coloring books for guests to choose from!

Join the Adult Coloring Book trend - host a "coloring" crafter noon.

Adult Coloring Books

I chatted with a couple friends who have taken the plunge and are loving this timeless craft! Julie (whose artwork is pictured above) enjoys using colored pencils and coloring during her work day (she’s self-employed, don’t worry) – she sneaks into her husband’s home office while he’s out to re-sharpen her pencils so he won’t know what she’s been up to.

Adult Coloring Books

Join the Adult Coloring Book trend - host a "coloring" crafter noon.Lanie (whose work is shown above) started coloring in the evenings to relax, but soon realized that coloring had the opposite effect. She becomes so immersed in her projects that she started losing sleep – she sticks to afternoon coloring now. Her favorite coloring medium is metallic jelly pens. She framed several of her finished pages and they add unique and colorful beauty to her home decor!

Adult Coloring Books

Join the Adult Coloring Book trend - host a "coloring" crafter noon.

Join the Adult Coloring Book trend - host a "coloring" crafter noon.

Whether you enjoy coloring with friends for a crafternoon or at the end of the day to wind down, this is definitely a trend to dive into! Have fun!

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